It’s My Birthday!

It’s My Birthday! It’s my birthday. 28 today I’m in 1st place. I have received tons of well wishes and Instagram posts from my friends. I feel loved. Thanks to everyone I appreciate you all! I made it to 28! I am happy with where I am at in my present life and I am looking forward to the new experiences I will embark on. I have a career, I have ambition, I have a 401k! I am blessed to take vacations! I love to workout! I enjoy being a pet owner! I love the Lord! I am just grateful. Thursday I will be going to Vegas  and as they say these days I’m going to TURN UP! Hopefully, I won’t wake up in a new Bugatti, because the way my bank account is set up….. I owe Sallie Mae. LOL.


On a fitness note. I tried a new workout yesterday and got my heart rate all the way up to 185! Wow! I also broke the machine but that didn’t stop me! lol try it out if you dare!


4-30-2013 2-03-44 PM

3 Days of Rest = Recharged!

I took the better part of  Tues – Thurs off from working out. It was due to me waking up at 6am and going full speed with my day until 11pm-12am. I really wasn’t getting the rest I needed, and in turn I was feeling tired throughout the day. Well 3 days of going to bed early and waking up a little later gave my body the recharge it needed. Rest is important when trying to maintain your health. It’s not all about the diet(as in what you eat), and the workouts you do. Those are important too, but rest is needed so your body can recover.

I went to the doctor this Thursday, a follow up from January, to find that I am still borderline diabetic my sugar was 101 and it is supposed to be in the 90-100 range. Not too bad compared to last time. I also have a vitamin D deficiency . But with a prescription I should be fine. This is one of the many reasons I am trying to up my fitness level. I am battling hereditary diseases and I am at risk for Hypertension,  high cholesterol ( I have that), diabetes, and some other depressing debilitating diseases. People look at me and think no way, you’re too young for all of the ailments to be already knocking at your door. The truth is I’m not. I’m going to be hitting 30 in two years and if I do not take preventive measures now. I will have to struggle to correct what damage I will do to my body later. I’d rather voluntarily do it now vs it being absolutely mandatory later. Scary stuff, but it is simply motivation for me.  On top of that when I change my diet, and workout, I’m going to look better!


Here is a little DitPic collage of my progress!  I can see it! I am excited!


Photo Apr 27, 9 34 50 AM

Burpee -palooza

Yesterday’s workout consisted of Burpees, sit ups, squats, pushups, planks, lunges and fetch with my dog (yes!). It was pretty effective and I burned 400 calories in  38 minutes. I found an amazing workout through Tribesports Instagram. I said to myself at first, OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS A LOT OF BURPEES AT ONE TIME! I pushed past that thought and accepted the challenge and I am happy I made it through. I suggest you keep water nearby and you also keep a focused mind. It takes all of that.


When I got to the  sit-ups and squats, I played fetch with my dog, due to me wanting to spend time with him and workout. I still had to cook, wash clothes, and watch the dramatic reality shows I enjoy. Once the 20 minutes were up I grabbed a protein shake and I continued to play fetch with my dog and did jumping jacks in between throws. I did on average 5-7 per throw. It was a great way to stay in shape and let me and my dog spend time together. I hope another pet parent out there finds this helpful. Tonight I will be hitting the Elliptical for cardio and also lifting some weights WHOOP! Oh and I got some fancy new gloves. Amazon is amazing and if you’re a prime member, 2 day free shipping rocks!


Update to my Fitness progress

For this month, I am off of work on Thursdays and Fridays and it is cool, I prefer to have my weekends. I am finally going to try Almond Butter so, if any of you have a recipe that involves Almond Butter don’t be afraid to send it my way. I will also check out some recipes via Pinterest. My knee has been bothering me these past couple of days so I chose to do some low impact cardio by hopping on the Eliptical for 40 minutes with lots of resistance. I alternated in 2 minute intervals with resistance levels of 10 and 15. Let me tell you my glutes feel tight. I ended my workout session with an upper body circuit I introduced in my previous blog. I think I need to buy some gloves. Preferably Purple! I have a post for everyone, I have been putting in work on my tummy and it is looking better week by week. I have to watch my carbs, because I become bloated easily. Aging at it’s finest. Check me out!

Photo Apr 19, 2 09 58 PM

Photo Apr 19, 2 10 05 PM



















Oh, and of course I need to end my post with my adorable dog Gizmo. Took him to the dog park and had him chase his frisbee until the end of time.

Photo Apr 19, 4 57 02 PM

15 Minute Burn

I tried a new upper body workout last night and it was AWESOME!!!

But first I follow TribeSports on Instagram and they had a Leg/Ab Superset and challenged everyone to do 5 rounds.(get the workout here)




140 calories, and half an episode of Bad Girls Club later I was feeling supercharged! Those 2 minute planks are no punk!

I subscribe via email to Womens Health magazine, and they always have a good workout they send at least once a week. I love the instructionals and the workouts are detailed and well explained. So, I received this workout and did 3 rounds of  each set and let me tell you I felt the burn! I used 10lb weights thinking I’m a BOSS and that workout at the end had me thinking the 10 lbs = 100 lb weights. Hope someone finds this as interesting as I did and challenges themselves to try it. I also did a warm up of sorts by doing a 400 meter run. You can get the workout here

Fry Fat

Fry Fat

Weekend Recap

This weekend in Houston could not have been more perfect.


We are actually having a spring, and it is wonderful! I set my Sundresses and hats out, hung out outdoors with my dog, went to the park, and enjoyed great company. I mean there were no complaints.  Despite me adjusting to this new work schedule that requires me to work the weekends, I went to a crawfish boil, ate well and worked out. The sodium in the crawfish, however, made me bloated. I never noticed how foods  inflate you and make you feel puffy. Cleaning up my diet has given me such insight. I see now, why I should stay away. I no longer see food as food, I see the fat, sodium and sugars it possesses  This change was needed especially with the goals I have in mind. I ran with my dog in the park for about two hours, Did a mini circuit that required me to do 3 rounds of 25 crunches 25 mountain climbers and a 1 minute plank (which has surprisingly gotten easier!) I might add 10 burpees in the mix next time just to get my heart rate up. I also did the little cross fit butt blaster routine and ended my day with a light jog back to my apartment.


I didn’t take any pictures but I did read a few books this weekend and shop I bought this romper from Asos



and some shorts and a tee from Forever 21. I guess you can say I was extremely productive? Maybe!

Beginner Crossfit Upper Body Workout

I have been trying a few new High intensity workouts lately, and I like the challenge. I get to burn calories faster,  keep my heart rate up, and I am not worried about what is coming next.  I am only worried about what I am currently trying to achieve. I am also starting to see some benefits.  I will post some pictures soon, I am happy with the results and Summer Time Year Round Fineness/ Healthiness will be in effect! If you are looking for a beginner upper body challenge, well here you go! Once again, I got this wonderful workout from the ascent blog. Good luck and you can do it! I will be working out today with this workout!

Beginner WOD #3: Upper Body
Equipment Needed: Two sturdy chairs, a hand-weight that is moderate for you (probably 10-15 lbs for women, 20-25 lbs for men) or the equivalent household object (a gallon of water weighs a little over 8 lbs, for example).

Warm Up:
3 rounds:
15 jumping jacks
10 supermans
7 push-ups

10 Michael Phelps-style shoulder swings
15 each small, medium, and wide arm circles forward
15 each small, medium, and wide arm circles backwards
30 seconds each side shoulder stretch across chest
30 seconds each side tricep stretch
60 seconds this stretch (minus the child’s pose bit at the end)
60 seconds downward facing dog
60 seconds upward facing dog

21-15-9 (1st round 21 reps, 2nd round 15 reps, 3rd round 9 reps each of):
One-arm shoulder press with your weight, alternating arms and counting each arm
Chair dips with feet elevated
After each round: Crab walk to the other side of the room and back

Don’t forget to cool down, stretch, and drink a LOT of water before and after each workout

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Butt Blaster Workout Crossfit Style




This was the result of a booty workout that have my glutes sore even still today and I completed this workout on Saturday. My muscle soreness always hits me at the end of the day or the next day, and it is like a ton of bricks. Well if you want the booty, here’s the workout I snagged from The ascent blog  it really will make you work and water will be needed. Try it, and feel free to tell me how it made you feel! A day of rest is recommended after you complete it trust me, you will need it!

Warm Up:

Run 400 meters
15 slow deep lunges
20 supermans
60 second butterfly stretch
30 seconds each leg Pigeon stretch
15 shoulder pass throughs
30 seconds each arm shoulder stretch across chest
12 minute AMRAP(as many rounds as possible)
10 lunges with 25# plate each leg
15 air squats
20 speed skaters
10 tuck jumps