Bodyweight Beast Challenge

I know some of us are feeling guilty from our Thanksgiving participation. Pre-meditated hunger can leave you with guilty feelings. None the less, I have a pretty intense training for you this week and I encourage all of you to partake in it. You will struggle, you will work! You will look good! Tribe sports created this challenge that you can check out at here. Let’s get motivated let’s get sexy let’s be fit! Enjoy!

Healing, it is a slow process

I am not one to forgive easily. I have been known to harbor feelings of hurt. My way of dealing with it, is to either avoid the person or not really treat them with respect. I generally am not mean, but I do not go out of my way to be kind to them. I am not really careful with how I speak to them and I am not really tolerable of any of their quirks, or urge for me to respect them. People on the outside think I am absolutely rude capital b-word to these people, but honestly it is my way of dealing with the pain they inflicted on me. I am only typing this to offer an explanation for my non- courteous behavior. Now I know my behavior towards people like this is not correct, but healing is a slow process. I will forgive the person. It will not be an overnight process. Sometimes outsiders see the behavior and may have a connection to the one that offended me. They might find it offensive. It probably is.

Let me just say it isn’t some oh…. this person hurt my feelings or made me mad that makes it hard to forgive them. It was the fact that I was vulnerable and I needed them, and they mistreated me.  So forgive me if I am a little stand -offish to those who have inflicted deep mental anguish you can’t ever forget, but I want to forgive and get to the happiness in store, there is just a process that has to happen and that is not overnight. Just this year I have decided to forgive someone close to me for the things I was put through.  The healing starts now. Those who I understandably know hurts them to see two people they love have a disagreement like me and the offender do, just need to know that this is something they cannot fix, nor intervene on, they just need to let the process happen. It is best for my relationship with the offender and the ones that love me. Pain is a horrible feeling especially intangible pain. Healing is slow, and I am not perfect nor have claimed to be, I just need my loved ones to understand not everything needs a cape with extra starch to intervene.


I’m definitely doing this this year!!!! Can you tell by now I like challenges/tasks? Haha Happy Holidays everyone! I will post my things from IG (Instamagram) of course follow me at shoedooo (it’s sort of my name for most social sites)

Sexy Legs?

Sexy legs, for my sexy ladies! leg workouts are not always the most fun to do but the work put in makes for great results! Cottage cheese cellulite, get behind thee!!!! LOL. You can find the challenge at or click on the link here I hope you ladies enjoy this workout as much as I will.


Women and weightlifting?

Yes, ladies we can weight lift. Tribesports has an awesome article out about weightlifting and we want to challenge you in your fitness endeavours to lift it up!
Weightlifting is not meant to bulk you up like a guy, but to tone and accentuate those lovely muscles you have! Trust me I thought the same thing, ” Oh my goodness if I lift weights, I am going to look like a man!” No, that’s not true. You would have to have a strict protein regimen in order to look like that and ladies, I love my carbs, so that isn’t happening over here. Check out the article here (A good read!!!). Nia Shanks the author of the article, is a woman, who lifts, and is anything but bulky. She encourages all of her clients to lift at least their body weight if not more. It can be done! So I am here to challenge you to get lifted!!!

This Weekend

So, I went from this:

to this!

Change is good. I have been natural for almost 2 years, but I decided the creamy crack was the best option going forward. It happens, okay! Now that I have that out the way I cooked Kabobs and drank a glass or two of wine.

I also  made one of my best meals yet, Chicken Marsala. It wasn’t even all that difficult! I went to see the movie Flight (a good movie about introspection btw) and spent some QT with mans best friend, my adorable Yorkie, Gizmo. What did you do this weekend? Any annual autumn events going on?

Mini- Circuit Challenge for the week

Let’s get the blood pumping! You have to have stamina if you are going to participate in any black friday events. Plus, Turkey day is also a way to make yourself feel like you want to waddle. Add this mini – circuit workout here into the mix, so you don’t go into a complete food induced coma and feel guilty. Tribesports wants to challenge you….to be sexy! Who’s with me?!?! Let’s go! You can find the challenge here at