Halloween Tribesports Challenge

OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Happy Halloween everyone. Zombies, Mummies, Witches and Ghouls will be out and about tonight. That doesn’t mean we need to stop our weekly workout routines. I have a new Challenge that Tribesports.com has posted for the week that you can find here. It’s an opportunity to obliterate your core. Run one mile, do 50 pushups, 50 crunches, and then 50 squats and repeat 3x’s. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Sooo I have a confession. I have not worked out in over 2 weeks and that is BAD. I am embarrased. So it’s time for me to get back on the wagon and workout. My 5 am workouts and my 2 a day regimens will be back in full circle. Sometimes you fall off but you get back on. My motivation? These jean I bought that are a size too small for me. If I eat right and workout as usual I will fit into them. I have lost 14lbs and I am not going back to that. No more Mrs. Couch Potato for me.

Tribe Sports Challenge of the Week

Challenge accepted. Circuit training is important when trying to get the heart rate going. You can get the same results as you need to in a shorter period of time, versus running the long and hard way(Which is what I prefer, personally). I am taking this challenge and I will post an update to let you know how I did. Wish me luck and don’t forget to join me in this challenge and post how it made you feel! You can view the challenge here.

Weekend recap

This weekend was fun!!! My company had a BBQ cookoff that benefits a scholarship hey offer to employees and it was fun. Free liquor and food, as long as you purchased tickets. I felt like I was at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. Yep!


I then went back into town to celebrate a good friends party at a local club. What a blast. I changed in the car and added some lipstick and heels lol. I crashed so hard that night morning when I got home

The next day I picked up my dog and went to spend my day in Katy by the pool until the concert. I went to see Jill Scott and Charlie Wilson. It was awesomeness. We ended the night eating at cheddars and singing all of our favorite love songs on the way home good times indeed.


I finished the weekend out celebrating my good friends birthday at brunch and relaxing by the pool. So much fun!!

Songs I Currently Jam!

I love a good workout, and music is one of my best motivators. Upbeat, techno, funky beats, you name it, I have it. Some of the Songs I work into my playlist that I like to shuffle are:

 Cockiness (Love it) – Rihanna

Slave for You – Brittney Spears

Wild One – Flo-Rida

Watch N’ Learn – Rihanna

Strip – Chris Brown ft Kevin Mccall

Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera

Lights – Ellie Goulding 

Dance or Die – Janelle Monae

Let me see – Usher

Adorn – Miguel 

Clique – G.O.O.D Music

David Copperfield(Poof) – MMG 

Ring Ring – Future

Pop That! – French Montana ft Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake 

Won’t Hold Me Back – Rick Ross

All I want for my Birthday – 2Chainz

.38 – Jeezy 


Just a few. I know I know the content gets a little basic but the beats keep me motivated 100%  What is in your playlist right now?




{Insert Frustration Here}


These past few weeks have been trying, for sure. I moved and I attempted to switch my services from one apartment to another. Simple right? Boy was I ever so wrong. I transferred on a friday and arranged to have Comcast come out on a Weds to install my services. When I call to confirm my appointment, they decide that they were going to do it at an inconvenient time. I inform the company that because I work  during the day a day appointment would not work. So they cancel my order (I had no clue they did this) I call back to see if they have a weekend appointment. They inform me that they have canceled my appointment. I am frustrated  so I ask them when is the next available appointment they inform me a Monday which is 6 day later. I inform them that that is unacceptable and they schedule my appointment for a Thursday between 4 and 6pm. I make arrangements to take off work and the guy never shows. I called 18 times and they informed me at last that it would be at 12am. They call me at a quarter to midnight and they say it is going to take them 2 more hours to get to me. I sarcastically reply, “Where are you in Austin or something? it shouldn’t take this long!” and the tech hangs up on me. So I decide when I wake up the next day after that ordeal to cancel my services. Obviously they didn’t want my money.


I call DirecTV (who I prefer, but my apartments want a 500.00 deposit for satellite  and they set me up an install date. I decide to go around my apartments back and install the satellite anyway. I mean I can set the thing up on a tripod and there won’t be any attachments to the building. I schedule it for a Sunday(yesterday) when the office is closed and an evening appointment. They go to the wrong apartment complex, and tell me the next available date they have is another week from now. Well thank you for your waste of time you idiots. Those were my thoughts. So I decide to call AT&T.

Yeah, by now, I’m over this whole cable incident. I call them to set up the appointment and they tell me I have an outstanding balance and they put my order on hold. You have GOT to be kidding me. I have never had services with AT&T ever! So, today, after being transferred around the block in AT&T I unleashed my anger on some poor unsuspecting agent. It got me somewhere though. I got my activation fee waived they are coming out tomorrow, and the balance they claimed I had, he can’t find. Let’s hope they go to the correct apartment tomorrow. *Sigh* In other news I rigged my T.V. to get regular channels by placing an earring into the cable connector. Oh how I love being innovative. Judge me if you want it’s been 3 weeks and I am tired of watching paint dry on my walls.

Night time run

I ran around 8pm last night around Houston’s infamous Memorial Park. It’s runners central. It is well lit, and there are tons of runners with kids, strollers, pets, and lots and lots of man candy!! I attempted to bring my dog to run with me, forgetting he is not leash trained. That was a train wreck, but it did help him get out all the pent up energy he has when he waits on me to get home. I ran approximately half of the 3 mile course because of my dog, but I plan on going back tomorrow to do a full run. What are your fitness goals? Do you ever just get up and run?

Moving Weekend

What a week it has been. I mean there were fireworks non-stop last week. I had an unfortunate blow out with my current roommate. We could not find a way to make our situation workable. It happens, but it is best that we separate and go our separate ways. So this weekend was a moving weekend. It just feels so good to live alone again. To have peace in your household and not walk into a world of dysfunction. If you have ever watched the Roommate is was a milder version of that. Hallelujah I will celebrate with a bottle of wine when I am officially unpacked. This is the 3rd time this year that I have moved. Moving sucks. There is no way around it, but it is an awesome workout! Tomorrow, me and my workout partner will be hitting the gym at our usual 5am time and running in the evenings since it has finally cooled down.

Get Stretched

Tribe Sports has a new challenge and I encourage you all to take a stab at it. It couldn’t hurt. One, it’s good to stretch the muscles, and two it usually feels good. Anyone interested in taking the challenge and sharing it can go to Tribesports.com and add me as a friend my name on there is shoedooo! You can find the challenge here

Trip to Belize!

I have been M.I.A. I had no internet access so I couldn’t post any pictures for the remainder of my 30 day push. *tear* It’s okay I went to Belize with a friend whose family lives there. It was AMAZING!

It is a completely different way of life and the little things really do count. I got to swim in the Caribbean sea, visit a Free Zone(a place where you don’t have to pay taxes for clothes, shoes, liquor) Had awesome Belizean food, drank a delicious Michelada  and got to meet my friends family. They were so welcoming. They were so warm and one of her younger cousins and I bonded.

I want to send him things and maybe get him to visit here. I am inspired overall and I really thank my friend for allowing me to have this experience with her. She is the best friend a gal can have. I came back with a little accent only after 4 days and I got invited back. Fun stuff. Well I hope everyone is continuing to push forward with their fitness goals! I know I am!