Preggo Journey

Where do I begin?!

I found out in early December 2013, at work, that I was going to be a mother. It was a surprise to both her father and myself, we were not ready to be parents, nonetheless were we committed to one another. One thing you will learn about me is that I have no problem with admitting the truth. It is a form of accountability. So here we are parents to be, with no sense of direction. He naturally wanted to be sure that he was going to be a father ( You know how they say Mama’s baby Daddy’s maybe?) being that we had no commitments. I assured him, and he took deep breaths on all accounts. He came to every doctor’s visit for the most part, so there was at least that.


I started to grow. I mean everything started to grow. It was like an alien invaded my body and took over all systems in a funny way. I suffered from morning sickness everyday in my 1st trimester at 5pm or if there was some funky smell that just did not agree with my nose. I could smell everything and I mean everything. That was fun. :-/ I really did not show until I was closer to 5 almost 6 months. Everyone assumed I was fat. Yes Fat with life! Haha! I craved Broccoli and grits and loved sour cream on fries. I was a very happy pregnant lady for the most part ,and I learned as I grew that my center of gravity changed dramatically. I used to be the fastest walker and I turned into the slowest. I found out I was having a girl and I was slightly intimidated. I had a vision of me having a little boy. Bows and hair? Pfft! What is that?! I eventually got over it.


Toward the end of my journey as a pregnant woman, my blood pressure started to rise and it led to me being induced which was the LAST thing I wanted. I wanted my daughter to bake as much as she could.


IMG_3081 IMG_3092 IMG_3148 IMG_3162 IMG_3166



To be continued…..This page will be a work in progress the labor and delivery is a funny story (There aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all)