Stand Your Ground

You may have to stand your ground alone,


Most times that is okay, that is fine. As long as you know that these choices are what is best for your life, you should never allow anyone to cause you to doubt yourself. Especially when the only thing you are guilty of is telling the truth. Truth, it sometimes is a hard reality sometimes for others to hear, but you have to let them know sometimes that they may be living in a delusional mindset. Not the easiest information to pass on.

These past few weeks, I have been pushed and an attempt was made to disrupt my peaceful life. Now, I knew that I would face challenges in my life, but you never know what that feels like until you are in it. I thank God that I am surrounded by some wonderful people that are people of faith. They prayed for me and my situation, they fellowshiped with me, and gave me awesome nuggets of advice on how to handle my situation. I believe God led me to my church for a reason, it has purpose to keep me on the path to being an awesome example to my daughter.

I am learning so many things about myself. Good things! I am a force to reckoned with that is for sure, and I have learned that I will go above and beyond for my little one. I never knew I had a Mama Bear inside of me. I am typically pretty gentle, diplomatic and very reserved, Mama Bear does not play I have come to find out.


I have also found out, that through all of my struggles and all of my trials in my current life, I still find a way to be happy, I still have joy. I am not loathing, I am not wallowing in my situation rather,I continue to find a reason to press on and happily. I feel that my maturation process is at an all time high. Sure, I have many things to still work on, I have many things that will test me and I will stumble, but that is our lives. I’m not striving for perfection, I am only striving to be the best version of myself in this life.

This weekend I ended up hanging out with my oldest brother, his fiance and our kids. We went to the Houston Zoo Lights. It was packed! It took me 30 mins to park, and we had to walk a little bit, but the babies enjoyed the lights and me and my brothers fiance took an ungodly amount of “usies” lol. Here are some of the pics

She's mesmerized

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Zoo lights with the kiddo!!!

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The next day, me and the kiddo did our version of what I call sleeping in (that’s 7am LOL) and went to my Monthly Women of Wisdom group gathering with the ladies of the church. We played some holiday games, ate laughed, prayed with each other and planed our next event! I love this group it just gives me a lot of perspective of where and what women are going through. I love those ladies!  Sunday I went with the baby to church . The sermon was about Where is your heart? It should be with the Lord, your heart will deceive you many times if you trust it over putting your love to the Lord first. Good sermon, good message and I will definitely implement it in my life. My heart has definitely deceived me a few times in my life. After that I relaxed with the baby hung up some tree ornaments and watched some football.

And now London saying Happy Sunday to everyone!

London says Happy Sunday!

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