New Hair Who Dis?



New hair who dis?

I cut my hair into a short pixie hair style. My stylist at Fab the Salon has done it again. She does amazing work and has worked with me being difficult as a client. I am very particular because I wear my real hair and I have been victimized by a previous stylist who was scissor happy but she did that! You can check out her work on Instagram and her website here.

Over all I feel it encompasses my personality. I’m sassy, spicy, energetic, and positive. I have been working on my fitness goals and I am conditioning myself to try to run a 5k with ease. I have come to that point in my life where no pain no gain and nutritional balance is a must. So far I am doing really well.


I have been using the Couch 2 5k app and I love it. It is not that demanding and is slowly conditioning me to breathe properly watch my form and run comfortably. The only concern I have is my hair! Once I figure out how to maintain it in between salon visits I should be good. Working out is a must and pretty hair is also mandatory. What is a girl to do?



In baby news, London is saying and repeating words so very clear now. I cannot believe how big she is growing! I love that she is learning about her world and i am there to witness her do it. It’s such a blessing ya’ll.In maturity and growth news. Letting things go that are not in your control and giving it all to God is a HARD thing to do when you are a control freak. We all like to think we have some sense of control, right. Control can mean security. But I have realized in my walk and my experiences that faith in God and Jesus eases that worry, eases that anxiety and I mean on any topic. You just have to get into the habit of casting all cares on him. That has been my best ally in this life. Because I want to have a good life. In order to have a good life (Not to be confused with perfect) I have to place my faith in things working out the way God wants them to and not to my human and flesh expectations. Forgiveness and love wins always. New Personal Growth who dis?! LOL


I hope that those who read my blog can find my words and my experiences I share to encourage them in times of need or give them that push that they need to make it through the day. Adjust those pretty crowns and walk like the Queen you are. God does not make mistakes and he believes in his work. So you are perfection in his eyes. Until the next update!