30 Day Push; Day 23

I got my day started with running a 5k. It was humid out there this morning. I pushed and ran a complete mile in 7 minutes. I had some trouble towards the end of my run, but I feel like I did great! I will post my time as soon as I can. The 30 day push is almost coming to an end {insert sad face here} I enjoyed pushing myself and my developing abs and waistline thank me for that.  I have 2 more 5k’s this year to finish out and who knows, I may sign up for a few more! I have the Susan G. Komen this year and The turkey Run. I am thinking of attending the color run, that sounds like fun fun fun! Well back to football! My fantasy team is doing okay despite me failing to check my roster and notice that one of my WR’s is OUT AHHH! lol. HAve a good Sunday!

Update:  I shaved a minute off my normal running time when it comes to 5k’s. It normally takes me 40 mins and it took me 39. The road to 37 (that’s my goal at the moment)is closing in! Yay! I just have to learn to push through and not let the heat get to me. Where I live it is extremely humid beyond belief and causes me to feel dizzy. I’ll work on it.

30 Day Push: Day 20

Challenge Accepted! Will you take the challenge? I found this little gem at Tribesports.com look me up if you do decide to go on the website @shoedooo


O-M-GEE. That little circuit was no joke. It looks like it will make it into my regular routine. Wow. Im tired. I have another challenge I picked up from tribesports I will try out tomorrow. Good Bye undefined stomach, hello beach body 2013


30 Day Push: Day 19


I don’t know how to get my images side by side I guess I will figure that out one day. Any who, what a day it has been. I was in a rush for work and found out that I was one of several that had a tire on their car slashed. After that 3 hour ordeal of replacing and trying to get one with quickness, there was some sort of fire at work. I’m glad I missed that. A 60′ monitor almost took out our work printers as well. It has been a day! I did my 50 crunches challenge today and plan on working out like no tomorrow in the AM wish me luck! Also look at this progress! I’m going to have a beach body in no time even if the season for 2012 has passed, I’m thinking why not get an early start on 2013!

30 Day Push: Day 18

Back on it peoples! Day 18 and it feels so good. I worked out with my Workout partner for my 5am workouts and I pussshed on the elliptical to level 19. Listening to the Meek Mills Pandora station really motivated me. I got so into it, that I almost unplugged my headphones several times. I lifted 20 lb weights for my strength training, and I even did lunges (I HATE lunges). I don’t know what got into me today but I made my workouts for the A.m> My b****! If I can manage I need to go for a run this evening, but I am a running candidate to be a natural hair model at a local salon, and have to do head shots. Wish me luck!

30 Day Push: Day 16

I fell into every trap there is as far as bad carbs this weekend. Jack in the box, Chicken tenders and coke. ALL contraband when it comes to having a flat stomach. I also had several drinks. Not good. I need to do better, and I will. I allow myself a cheat I really do but 3 days will have me slipping back into those size 14’s I was in in January. Heck no, I’m not going. Tomorrow Im back on my cardio game. Hoo Rah! let’s get it! (Never was in the military but that chant sure gets me going!)


30 Day PUSH: Day 14


I posted this a little late, I er uh, went out and danced like my life depended on it. I had fun. We went to like 5 different places before we found something we liked. I didn’t workout today, more rain. I will get a circuit workout in on Sunday. All it takes is effort!

30 Day Push: Day 13

I woke up this morning with every intention on running. The lightening storm mother nature had this morning prevented that. So I made pancakes and fell back asleep. Went to work came home, with every intention on running. Well, it rained. Mother Nature just would not let me be great. AH! Instead, I cooked Salmon Croquettes and taught my dog how to  shake my hand. I know extremely random. That is me though. Well, Iwill try to get a good workout in tomorrow. I did my 50 crunches challenge today only 5 more days to go!!! Until next time.


30 Day Push: Day 12

Day twelve. It was a good day. I tried to take my dog for a run/walk with me. He did terribly. But I burned a good 200 calories. I came home and did my kettle bell routine and burned 200 more calories. I think I need to buy a 20lb kettle bell. That will really get me moving.I then finished it off with20 squats and 25 sit ups. I need to do 25 more, and my routine will be complete. I finally got in contact with one of the coordinators from the Black Girls Run! program, and she agreed to meet up with me for tomorrows run, since that park is a maze at 5am in the morning.  Well off to bed I go!

30 Day Push: Day 11

Good Morning!,

I had an adventure today. I tried to find the running group Black Girls Run at a nearby park, and the park has 3 huge sections including a golf park. At 5am, this was dang near impossible. So I drove back home, and decided to go to just put in a work out DVD, and old school one at that. Tae Bo! I doubled timed it for 30+ minutes. I want to get an evening run in since it is cool today (aka perfect running weather)Off to the land of spreadsheets and formulas! It pays the bills.

Update: I ran 1.8 miles today around my neighborhood. It felt good. I also took my dog to the park to let him stretch his legs. I will try again with the Black Girls Run! group tomorrow. BTW I do two a days Tues-Thurs. Me and a friend do this normally, but she just started her Masters program, so I might have lost my workout partner(Ohhh NOOOO). Well let me finish this protein shake.