If you want to know my journey to fitness well here it is. I was tipping the scale at 199. I was no longer able to fit into size 8 or size 10 jeans and I noticed that my thighs would rub together.



I became uncomfortable and I only though I needed to lose a few pounds to be healthy. Turns out I needed to change my lifestyle. My eating, my routine, my activity levels. I decided to be a healthier me and it became an addiction! Oh I found such joy in working out. I would ride my bike, I would wake up at 5am and hit the eliptical for an hour and the weights before work. Take the dog on a run I was determined. In a 6 month period I lost a total of 25lbs! I documented it all under the category fitness! If you need any advice or fitness websites I will name a few!



Fitness Blender – has a lot of cool workouts for the home

My Fitness Pal – really helped show me what I was putting in my body – has amazing toning workouts for everyone.


I also used a Polar FT4 to gauge the calories that I was burning for each workout! I now want a Fitbit HR so I may purchase one for Christmas! Who knows!


I hope my journey can inspire someone to get a to a healthier life!