Running after ACL Surgery


I have a very strong love/hate relationship with running. I love it for various reasons:

  • It’s a great cardio workout – I can really get a great sweat and work my legs as well as my stability for rehabbing my knee.
  • It is me vs myself – I am competitive and I love breaking my own personal records, or challenging myself to push out more.
  • The runners high – nothing like it.
  • The perks of toning! – I love having track legs. I want them and need them in my life for vanity reasons.

I dislike it for various reasons as well:

  • It is very uncomfortable when you first start – those first 2-3 minutes always get me.
  • It makes me make oo ahh sounds – When I am pushing myself hard, the sounds just come out. Ha! I pray everyone wears headphones
  • It makes me sweat – I dislike sweating, but there are worse things
  • It is me vs myself – that little voice that wants comfort, she talks to me on the loudest volume setting in my brain. Trap music usually helps soften her voice. If I pretend I am trapping, then I hear her less.
  • It takes up most of my gym time – I run on my lunch break, and I have 1 hour to do whatever it is I need to do in the gym. 30 minute runs are the max that I can get in.

So as my recovery continues, I try to put a day in between running due to it not being 100% the muscles around the knee have to be strengthened and it takes a long time for it to happen. I typically limp the following day after running, and I incorporate some deep stretching to assist with my recovery day. I still go to the gym and focus on other muscle groups for variety.

I will say that I get stronger each week, and I am happy that my therapy is working out. This journey has me questioning if it will ever be 100%. Maybe and maybe not. I am okay with whatever, but I know I am determined to remain active.

Things I do in my spare time

In the midst of being an ambitious 30 something, I tend to pile a lot on my plate. Maybe I am just used to it being full, but as I get older, I realize that there is a good cause for rest and recovery (You read that right). When I am not on the R&R treck, I enjoy doing a few things:

Home improvement: I am ambitious in this area thanks to Pinterest. I want to do all the things! The latest thing I have accomplished, is reupholstering my chairs for my dining table. I want a new dining set, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current one I have in my breakfast area. I wanted to make it work with what my idea was. My chairs are in need of some repair, I have had the set for at least a decade and with that comes wear and tear. If you add my daughter into the mix, you get what you get. Let me show you my before picture.


As you can see, a travesty. I packed up my kiddo, strapped her in the car seat, made sure I had a full cup of coffee, and we made our way to Hobby Lobby. I found this material here and asked for two full yards of fabric.

When toddlers add sequin to your basket because it’s “pretty”

The fabric was 30% off. I paid 13.00 for my fabric! I then went to Home Depot and bought a good staple gun with staples. Hobby Lobby had staple guns, but I wanted one that would take universal staples, versus being very specific. I always analyze what’s best long term vs. availability. I went to work and followed this guide I pinned to my home-board on Pinterest and…..

Stapling is therapeutic. I’m proud of my recovery and plan to do more rehabbing to the entire set. In due time. The next project? Painting my living room walls.

Cooking – I enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy eating. I love going to restaurants, trying out the food, and then going home to try and re-create it. The whole challenge of trying to nail it gives me this thrill. My latest obsession. Mushroom risotto. A few years back I visited a restaurant that made a mushroom risotto that had shrimp, scallops and spinach. It was everything and more. Risotto is a creamy rice that is similar to grits. If you like grits, you will potentially enjoy the amazing-ness that is risotto. Here is my final outcome of it.

Dancing/Working out I am working out more often now that I have my mobility back to 80% I love pushing my body to grow stronger. I enjoy a challenge. I love to see where I can go! I think I may need to seek out a trainer, I need the extra push and structure that one provides. As far as dancing goes I will Milly rock on any block! I just love to move! Music touches me in a way that makes me want to express who I am and that is an upbeat fun tempo, happy person. So, if you dare, challenge me!

Spend Time with God – This is very important to me. I spend the first few moments of my day and moments before bed to worship, to pray and to seek God in all that I do. He has never steered me wrong. I promise if you have a good prayer life, peace hits you differently. Journaling my thoughts and desires also helps.

What do you do in your spare time?

2018 Recap

2018 was interesting. I started it out with goals, hopes, and a list! Well, when God makes a move or a shift in your life, he makes a move! In 2018 I started out with a few goals let me give you an update on those items:

Create a Savings Plan

I stated in my previous post that I wanted to do a 52 week savings plan of 5,000.00 along with the Dave Ramsey savings tips, and I did that!  Mission accomplished. I am still following Ramesy’s baby steps and I encourage you to buy his book (audio, kindle, nook, hardcover, etc) and participate in one of his financial peace university courses. He is a wealth of resource!

Be more committed to fitness

I did just that.

I was working out 5 times a week, having lunch dates with friends to run hills, eating right, and then………I managed to tear my ACL and partially tear my meniscus in my knee. That had me set back most of  the end of 2018. It was one of the most trying injuries I have ever had. I had a full work load, a very busy 4 year old, and I was in grad school! I managed somehow to do all of it, with a strenuous physical therapy schedule in the mix!

Physical therapy is no fun, but the payoff in the end is worth all of the tears and pain. Also, guess what?! As of Monday, I am back running! This took 5 months to accomplish, and if it was not for my awesome physical therapist at Select Physical Therapy, I would not be as functional as I am today.

I plan on taking the running and getting back into my full blown workout schedule as my progress in physical therapy lets me. My goal? To walk in heels. All 6 ft of me needs to sashay through the Houston streets! Ha! I have also started my new year off with a very basic vegan diet. I am doing it more for spiritual reasons (The Daniels Fast) and, the fast is basically where you only consume, fruits and vegetables. For 21 days you are not to consume any dairy, breads that are not whole grain, sugars, etc. I paired this fast with a journal challenge and devoted time to God. I have lost some weight, and with me not being able to run up until this week, I was concerned that all my hard work in 2018 was being flushed down the drain.

I really enjoyed the fast and being vegan allowed me to try new recipes that brought about a lot of wonderful flavors. I highly recommend trying out black bean vegan enchiladas.


This was by far my favorite recipe during this fast. Click for the recipe here. I learned with this fast that the discipline of taking care of myself is as important as my relationship with God. I recommend giving your body a good break from meat if you can manage it.

Utilize my power in saying No

I said no to a lot in 2018 and I do not plan on stopping that this year. It is a powerful thing.

Graduate Grad School

I did it! In December of 2018, I walked across the stage with a Masters in Business Administration.

Had to add my own touch to my cap! Proverbs 16:3

You guys know I wasn’t paying for those expensive photos!

Me, Sharde, full time mom, full time employee, a woman with a torn acl, busy personal life, all the above, managed to make it through. I thank God for giving me the motivation and determination to push through all the trying times with a peaceful mindset. The reason I set out to accomplish this? To show my daughter what black girl magic looks like, to show her that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to despite the circumstances, and to finish what I had started.

So let’s see what 2019 has in store!

Guess Who Is BACK?!




It is I. I went ghost there for a minute, but I really really enjoyed blogging about my life. What am I up to these days?

  1. Full Time Mom -I love every aspect of this job, it is purposed for me to do this. Who knew that when God had plans, he wanted me to do this?! God showed out and I have the best daughter in the world! She is sweet, smart, sassy, and she is my best friend and my heartbeat outside of my body! We dance, do arts and crafts, play, travel, have conversations about My little Ponies and so much more. For 3 she can really tell me how she wants things done.


  1. Part Time Grad Student – I decided to finish my Masters and show my daughter what black girl Magic looks like directly in her household. I only have 6 classes left!
  2. Traveling Often – I have been in and out the country like it was nothing. Flight sales have been ridiculous this year and I love a good sale!
  3. Cooking like Chef Curry – Ayesha Curry that is. I love to cook it gives me joy and I love to eat food. It is my love language TE AMO!
  4. I am a homeowner! Best moment EVARRRR! I mean the fact that I have an ability to provide a suburban lifestyle to my child is priceless. I always wanted to have a home with a deed restriction and HOA fee and look at God giving me my portion and so much more. I am currently obsessed with home improvement. I enjoy the labor intensiveness of it all.

That is the gist of it, and being that I love this time of year, I am knee deep into Elf on a Shelf, Having Christmas explode all over my home, presents galore, and projects with my daughter. We have played in the snow, had breakfast with Santa, built a GingerBread House, made an ugly sweater, took Holiday photos, went to look at lights. You name it we are doing it! This is the most cheerful time of the year for us!


I have been working out but for the Christmas holiday I have NOT been the most disciplined. So maybe I will lump myself in with the New Year New Me fitness group except, I love fitness and working out so I typically go for the gold when I go! I have been every size from skinny to slim thick, to thick! Either way I’m sexy sexy. It is a mindset!

But that is all for now I look forward to getting back to my blogging.

My New Normal



My life has been taken over by this little person, every inch of it. From the moment I awake with you in my arms, my life is all about you. Tonight you sleep in your crib, and I make the most of it. Most times it’s me straightening up my home and I find that in every room, there are reminants of you.

In the living room I pick up mounds of baby toys and put them in their place. I straighten out the kitchen and your clean bottles are on the drying rack, and baby food is proudly on display. I go to the bathroom, where my walk-in closet is and as I pass, I see your bouncer and bath toys. In my closet is a space, designated just for you.

Our room has your  swing and your crib and your changing table. I find there are always reminders that you are in my life. The car seat in my car, the emergency diapers, car toys, and stroller are all reminders of you. I even find when I am looking in my purse, a bow, some emergency wipes and a diaper are in tow. It’s amazing to me, that you have not only emcompassed my heart, but you have encompassed my life. Your Mother has enjoyed all 8 plus months of your life and I as I have said countless times am overjoyed, privilaged and honored to spend the rest of my days with you as your Mom. I love you booger bear.



Being an Anchor


I am an anchor.

It is a natural thing for me to fall into. I am a confidant, I am a psychologist, I am an open non judgmental listening ear for everyone I feel in my life needs it. It is my nature. Pouring my positive energy into people is one of my favorite most intrinsic things to do. It is a selfless job, it is great that people feel that my advice is worthy of taking into consideration, it is what makes relationships with others valuable.

What happens if I need to be anchored? My ship ties decide to become loose, and I sway in an uncharted direction? Who helps pull me back to the dock? Lately, I have felt like I was finding myself  swaying in uncharted waters. I am human, it is only natural that I have some feelings of “What direction do I go to next?” Well, I guess I have to take some of that good ole advice that I dish out (Which is really hard to do btw).

This portion of my life has put me in touch with a lot of my emotions. I placed a wall up at some point in my life where my emotions, my human feelings were there, but I had a mask on to the entire world. I have a tendency to place my emotions and feelings on things on the back burner to not cause conflict. Also so I don’t look like some “emotional” or “sensitive” person. “It IS okay to be human.”  is something I have had to tell myself, it is okay to have some conflicts. You have to learn that you matter as well, even if people expect you to go along with something unrealistic.

I really learned that my emotions matter when I had my baby. She was my wake up call to show, you still feel, you are not emotionless inside, and it is perfectly fine to feel that way outwardly. Your emotions do matter. So in essence, my baby girl has helped me stand up a lot more for what I feel is right. Now, by no means will I go overboard with it, but I need to make sure that others do not try to mess up my peace. Being vulnerable is the beauty of being human. It can hurt sometimes, but it comes along with the process. It is the key to finding your joy.

I am learning that I can pour into those, as well I can anchor them. I just need to make sure when I pour I consider myself too. Isn’t the maturation process amazing? Going through it, you certainly do not think so, but reflecting, there is indeed beauty in it.



Photocred: via google

A letter to my daughter

Hello London,

You are currently 2 months old and I have to say I love you to pieces. You are the joy of my life. I never thought my heart could swell so big, I never knew I could love so big, and you, yes you young lady are the cause of it. I think back on your journey into my life, and I believe you were brought here to give me a purpose. Some of that purpose is to pour into you, all of the good qualities I hold and, all of the ones I want you to have. You will be a wonder. You will be amazing. You are truly a blessing that inspires me to do better. You are motivation. I cannot wait to show you what success is, and that the climb to it is the hardest, but most important part. I think that everyone’s life you come into, you bring happiness . I only expected you to bring joy into my life and now I see that the happiness you give me expands into others lives.  When I prayed for joy and happiness in my life, it came in the most unexpected way, you. When you 1st arrived, I was unsure of what to do. Those big pretty eyes opened, and showed me that love still exists, it is still a reality. Now I know why children enrich a persons life, I now have 1st hand experience. Daughter, I want you to know God, I want you to know faith, I want to you to know that prayer works. Your existence is the proof. I love you London P. Tucker with all of my heart. Muah.

Warby Parker Glasses

I am a person who believes in a bargain,

If I can find one, I believe it is always worth a shot. I needed new glasses since November. I got around to doing my eye exam and everything, I just failed to order glasses. Lets not talk about how I still have yet to pick up my paid for contacts. So I usually order from a place called and they are wonderful, I have no bad things to say about them, I just decided I wanted to try something new. Warby Parker. They are an online glasses retail store, and they have some really nice modern and inexpensive specs to choose from, they even do chic and modern prescription sunglasses! Usually, at the optometrist, I am out of pocket$ 200.00-$350.00 bucks depending on what glasses I want and what things I want done to them. With Warby Parker, you get everything at one set price. The prices start at $95.00 and range to $150.00. Not bad for an all inclusive store. Also, if you are as blind as me, you can opt to pay an additional $30.00 to get an even better lens that thins them out and makes vision sharper( I added this to my order of course). All you have to do to order glasses from this place is:

1). Log on to

2). Choose your style of glasses prescription or non-prescription

3). Upload your prescription from your doctor as a pdf (very very easy btw)

4). Make a payment

5). Wait for them to contact you


They will even let you choose 5 pairs, ship them to you for free to try on before you purchase! There communication was perfect! They let me know from start to finish what to expect and they even had a promo on free 3-day shipping! (thanks Retailmenot!). Also, they give back to communities, so if you buy a pair a person who is in need of glasses elsewhere gets a pair! How cool is that!

Overall I feel fancy and feel these glasses are a good representation of myself!


IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045

Missing in Action

Where have I been?!

I’ve been here, just recovering from finals thats all. I have had a lot going on! I am in the process of looking at houses to buy and saving my dinero. Working out has not taken a back burner, I am staying as active as possible! Just wanted to say hey! Im here!

TGI Friday Faves

TGI Friday faves is something that my fellow blogger friend thedancingrunner does on her page every Friday. I think I am inspired and I will take a page from her book!

Holiday Wreaths

I love love love seeing Holiday Wreaths, I cannot wait to buy a house and go overboard with DIY projects such as these


Hot Chocolate! 

Nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays like hot chocolate extra whip please!



A cozy printed sweater

Keep me warm and fashion forward!!!

This weekend I will go for my biweekly hair appointment, shop for clean foods (I’ve been eating turrible!) , working on school work, celebrating my baby sisters birthday, and I plan on putting some mileage on my bike!


What gets you in the mood for the holidays?

What are your plans for the weekend?