Guess Who Is BACK?!




It is I. I went ghost there for a minute, but I really really enjoyed blogging about my life. What am I up to these days?

  1. Full Time Mom -I love every aspect of this job, it is purposed for me to do this. Who knew that when God had plans, he wanted me to do this?! God showed out and I have the best daughter in the world! She is sweet, smart, sassy, and she is my best friend and my heartbeat outside of my body! We dance, do arts and crafts, play, travel, have conversations about My little Ponies and so much more. For 3 she can really tell me how she wants things done.


  1. Part Time Grad Student – I decided to finish my Masters and show my daughter what black girl Magic looks like directly in her household. I only have 6 classes left!
  2. Traveling Often – I have been in and out the country like it was nothing. Flight sales have been ridiculous this year and I love a good sale!
  3. Cooking like Chef Curry – Ayesha Curry that is. I love to cook it gives me joy and I love to eat food. It is my love language TE AMO!
  4. I am a homeowner! Best moment EVARRRR! I mean the fact that I have an ability to provide a suburban lifestyle to my child is priceless. I always wanted to have a home with a deed restriction and HOA fee and look at God giving me my portion and so much more. I am currently obsessed with home improvement. I enjoy the labor intensiveness of it all.

That is the gist of it, and being that I love this time of year, I am knee deep into Elf on a Shelf, Having Christmas explode all over my home, presents galore, and projects with my daughter. We have played in the snow, had breakfast with Santa, built a GingerBread House, made an ugly sweater, took Holiday photos, went to look at lights. You name it we are doing it! This is the most cheerful time of the year for us!


I have been working out but for the Christmas holiday I have NOT been the most disciplined. So maybe I will lump myself in with the New Year New Me fitness group except, I love fitness and working out so I typically go for the gold when I go! I have been every size from skinny to slim thick, to thick! Either way I’m sexy sexy. It is a mindset!

But that is all for now I look forward to getting back to my blogging.