Praise Report!

Praise report!

I joined the choir! It was all by accident, but then again there are no such things as accidents, I was called to serve and I answered. I am going to be honest, I can hold a tune, but I will never claim to be in the rankings of Whitney Houston, or Mariah Carey. I am simply able to effectively hit notes. I had my first lead in singing a few weeks ago and it was great! I loved singing in front of the church and making people really express their joy for the Lord. It made me feel like I was impactful.

I also wanted to find a way to really relate with my church community. They have really been impactful and important in my life. They are there to help guide me in my spiritual quest in finding my way with God. He is awesome to have given me a place to really be able to learn how to serve, fellowship and be close with him. God is always on time. Thank YAAAA! LOL.

In baby news, my little London is now a 6 month old scooting/squealing/active grabbing machine. She has really blossomed into an active little baby! She is so fun to be around and she is always happy. We were in the store shopping for Groceries yesterday, and I had her in the carrier, because it’s far easier to just maneuver with her on me then in a bulky infant car seat. She kept bouncing indicating that she wanted me to sing and dance while she was in the carrier. Of course people who know me, know that I was up for it. I had a ton of people smiling at her and I as we walked around the store bouncing, laughing (Baby giggles), smiling, and dancing away. Boo Boo has quite a personality!

Here are some pics of me and my Lon Lon(She is starting to get quite a few nicknames)