Six Types of Crunches

Tribe sports is displaying six types of crunches when it comes to working on your fitness so our bodies stay vicious! Yes flat tummies bring boys and girls to the yard! (Not that we want it to but it does help boost confidence). We want to challenge you to flatten those abs by adding this challenge to your weekly routine.   Are you up for it? I hope so! Let’s get motivated! *Cues LMFAO I’m sexy and I know it* Click the picture to get to tribesports and WORK OUT!


British Military Fitness Challenge

This week Tribesports would like to challenge you British Military Style! So let’s get to work. The challenge involves a mini circuit that will work your legs, core, arms and glutes without the use of weights! I think it is an awesome workout and I will try it tonight. Drink plenty of water and remember! Warm up and Cool down to avoid injuries! You can click on the picture to accept the challenge at

Weekend and such

I have started off my new year a-okay. I have pretty much booked some vacation with the girls at the beginning of March and in the Middle I plan to go to Italy! Milan for a fact! I guess I am really living up to the name jet-setter. I need to schedule in some “Me” time. I am a people pleaser by default. It is my nature, that sometimes I forget about me! Well I happened to remember myself this weekend, and I plan on just relaxing with My “Gee-boo” (Gizmo my dog) for a couple of hours. I know it does not sound like enough, but the way my schedule is set up, it is all I have. I plan on also using this fabulous gym in Katy as well as my Apartments gym, because I plan on remaining fit for 2013. Here are some of the recent items I purchased (DARN ONLINE SHOPPING!!)

Button Trimmed Top from The Limited for 6.99!


Drew Tab-Waist Cuffed Ankle Pants        

Metallic Zigzag Sweater 16.99! On sale at The Limited!

Michael Kors bag, but with the MK’s on it.



Run to the MOON!

Well  here we are at the beginning of 2013. Time to make new goals for our fitness and our health and what better way to challenge ourselves by going for a run.  I have set a goal of Eating healthier, pigging out less, not giving in to lots and lots of cravings. I am also going to track my eating habits (it really helps) and plan my meals with MyFitnessPal. My name on there is shoedooo (which is also my name for almost everything) if you really want to see what my habits are. I will start to record my meals come Monday. Neil Armstrong went to the moon and back. Tribesports wants to honor that by getting our year started off right. We are here today to give you your 1st years challenge. Run to the moon! You can read about what inspired the challenge over at here.

Here are the details of the challenge:

Bored going around the Earth? This is a team challenge to get to the moon. It’s only 384,400 KM. All man powered kilometers count; running, walking, rowing, cycling. Logged kilometers do not have to be exclusive to this challenge; simply enter all your kilometers to the challenge whether you are using them for other challenges or not.


  1. Invite your friends
  2. Log your kilometers
  3. When we finish we are going to mars
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

I hope you guys take the challenge and let me know how it goes. Good Luck and I hope this get’s all of your fitness goals started on the right track.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013


2012 was an absolute blast!!!! I can really say that genuinely I got to bond with my best girlfriends, I almost bought a house, I traveled, I learned even more to appreciate my family, I grew closer with both of my sisters, I also found out there are limits to friendships and who you circle yourself around, and that I am really loved. That was the best gift of all!

This year will be just as great, and even if it isn’t I know there is a life lesson in it. I have new fitness goals, I have new life goals, and career goals I feel need to be accomplished this year. I know I can achieve all of them, and with my support system I have now, I know I can succeed.

Here are some pics of my New Years.

Me and my cousin Rosa.


I hope everyone else had a great New Years!