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I subscribe to a website’s newsletter named PureWow!, and they have interesting things that they pass along, books, apps for phones and just plain ole good advice. Today something in their newsletter peeked my interest and I thought I should share.

There is an App called Buycott. It is an app for consumers, to find out about a companie  political affiliations, as well as if they do animal testing or what kind of projects or philanthropy the companys do.

This includes Groceries, clothes, accessories, ect.


According to PureWow!, 

“The free app is designed to help consumers align their spending with their political and philanthropic viewpoints–and seek out or avoid products accordingly.

Begin by downloading the app and browsing causes (think “demand GMO labeling,” “stop animal testing” and “end human trafficking.”) Once you’ve found a cause that interests you, click to see organizations that have historically supported or opposed it. We, for instance, selected “avoid sweatshop labor” for an eye-opening list of violators. (Thank God Ben & Jerry’s is on the safe list.)

You can also use the app the other way around: to look up brands and then see their political affiliations.

Buycott is new and is sort like wikepedia, it’s information may not be 100 percent accurate.

Read more at :


Thanks PureWow! for the helpful information! Happy Thursday everybody!

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