30 Day Push: Day Seven

Day Seven, boy I tell you working out on a Friday at 5am is the hardest thing to do. I woke up at 4:45am to take the dog out for a mid-morning potty break and I couldn’t go back to sleep thanks to my arm feeling sore/numb. I had to get a TDAP shot for my up and coming trip out of the country. So I just got up and went to my apartments Gym. Struggle fest for real. I wanted to do my back and arms, but this numb/sore pain was too much. So I left after burning 300+ calories and had my protein shake. I wanted to fall asleep for 30 more minutes, but I had to take my dog to doggie day camp. I have some things to do after work. I will try to work out tomorrow as well. I will keep at it though. The struggle was so real!


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