Poppin my collar

I’ve been cooking up a storm. For the past few years I have over indulged in eating out. Oh I love it. One day it’s Mongolian beef, the next it is sushi, and with sushi there are drinks and so on and so forth. I found myself spending lots and lots of dinero. On top of that I found myself gaining weight. My waistline was looking No friggin bueno. So now I actually plan my meals, or make sure there is food at home to either snack on, or experiment with. My waistline likes me too. Size 8’s are on my horizon. YES! I like to whip up things, and I am by no means anyone’s chef. But I can pop my collar every now and then, because I know how to follow recipes’ instructions. I would love to get my hands on some of my mother’s recipes, but she holds on for dear life to them. Plus they have no regard for my waistline. So, I’ll hold off. Bleh. Her food is like crack. Ah well.

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