High School Peoples’ Opinions actually STILL Matter to people?

I’ve come to the conclusion that my friend cares what people in high school still think about her. My question is why? Why would you care about people who put you down in high school? Like after you graduated? Today, I give zero *bleeps*! In high school I was a looser. I was shy, quiet, lanky, awkward, and weird. There was a part of me that wanted to blend in or just simply fit in. That was because I was a teenager, uncomfortably self-conscious about myself. Being 5’10 in High school gave me nowhere to blend, or hide. I was noticeable. But I have grown to be a confident woman, who embraces all of the things that made me feel awkward. The truth? EVERYONE was awkward back then. The only way you learn to live without these things being awkward now is to embrace them. Those people who tormented me in my years? I have seen some of them on FB and trust me they really really really are almost in the same exact place they have been since we graduated. Some are dead, some are in jail, and some are just ratchet. Most actually are ratchet. My success today had nothing to do with their thoughts about me back in 2003.It was all me. I went to college graduated, I have a career with a lot of promising forward movement, and I am perusing furthering my education. I have traveled, I have lived on every side of town there is to live, I have had the freedom to love life without the” What will these people think of me if I do this” boggling me down. I just want her to remove those self-conscious shackles and be free. The low – self-esteem era of life is over and it is time to leave it where it was… in the past.

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