GMAT Adventures


Yaaaaayyyy I’m going to take the GMAT!

*record scratch* No. I am not elated, I am currently reviewing what I am up against and I am now realizing. I should have started studying MONTHS ago. I plan on taking the GMAT sometime at the end of next month (AHHH!) I can get with reading and comprehension, those have been my strong subjects throughout my life, but the Quantitative portion of this test. Jesus, Allah, and Jehovah, help me! I have not seen an integer since sophomore year in college, and an isosceles triangle since the early 2000’s. I am rusty. I know with a little patience and hours of crunching I can wing it. I am excited to embark on this post graduate trek, HOWEVER, I believe that this entrance test is pure malarkey. I guess my student loan debt receipt and my diploma is not enough to get me into grad school.

Oh wells, many before me have had to take this test, and I have asked a few friends and acquaintances how do they feel about the GMAT? A lot of it was not that positive. One person even looked at me like I had 6 heads when I asked them about their experience. One reason a friend gave me is that it is difficult, because the test adapts to you (making it difficult to prepare and study) two because it’s about stuff we will never in life get to use unless we are an engineer, biochemist, or an architect. I look forward to spending the 250.00 and I better pass with flying colors, because Sallie Mae has a death grip hold on my bank account. I cannot afford to take this test this year again. So wish me luck!!

*disclaimer I am not usually this cynical but based on what I am reviewing I feel overwhelmed*

Moving Weekend

What a week it has been. I mean there were fireworks non-stop last week. I had an unfortunate blow out with my current roommate. We could not find a way to make our situation workable. It happens, but it is best that we separate and go our separate ways. So this weekend was a moving weekend. It just feels so good to live alone again. To have peace in your household and not walk into a world of dysfunction. If you have ever watched the Roommate is was a milder version of that. Hallelujah I will celebrate with a bottle of wine when I am officially unpacked. This is the 3rd time this year that I have moved. Moving sucks. There is no way around it, but it is an awesome workout! Tomorrow, me and my workout partner will be hitting the gym at our usual 5am time and running in the evenings since it has finally cooled down.

Making a Deal with myself

I am making a deal with myself to only work my coworkers awful shift once a week. I cannot do it anymore or any less. In the past 4 weekends I have had to work his awful shift from 12pm-9pm (Friday I worked my shift and his 9a-9p AHHH!) at least once or twice a week. I am really not too ecstatic about his ever fading health, yet there is not anything that my sup can do or will do as far as investigating the validity of it. I believe he is indeed ill at times, but I think at least half of it is just b.s. Working with this guy for over a year and analyzing his sickness on Mondays and Fridays there is a consistent pattern. So I think I have been stalling for some time on calling the concerns helpline when 7-8hits I will call it and voice my concerns. I don’t know what they will find, but I think he needs to retire soon. He is simply unreliable. If that make me non empathetic, then so be it. But my life is continuously interrupted due to his fading health and you can only understand so much before you are fed up with the constant disruption in your life.