Pilates Thursdays

I have been staying strong with working out during  my lunch and it is a good thing. I would have never gotten the opportunity to take the classes offered.

I took a Power Class on Weds and let me tell you 440 calories later in 35 minutes I wanted my mama. The lady was tough and criticized my crunch, and push – up forms. She was just what I needed. You cannot tell me that I cannot do something. Trust me I take this as a challenge. Instant competition with myself. That was the best workout I have had in awhile. I showed a lot of enthusiasm. My heart rate reached 186!!!

Today, I took a Pilates class for the first time and it rocked! I got to stretch, work on my flexibility and concentrate on my core. It was amazing. I need to do it more often. Just taking the deep breaths and focusing on particular poses really energized me and relieved some stress!  My knee has limited my flexibility on my right side and that used to be my most limber spot.  I think a combination of this class and maybe a yoga class might help me rehabilitate my knee. It no longer aches and I have more flexibility but I prefer for it to go back to the  flexibility it used to have.

Friday I am going  back to Power Class lady’s class. To die. Well at least feel like it! LOL, and then, after work I am going to meet my sister to participate in an epic bike ride called critical mass. Every Friday at the end of the month, Hundreds of Houstonians come out to do what: Ride Bikes! It is different, it is cooky, and it is right up my alley when it comes to interesting fun. Well, I will blog about that when I have a moment!

It’s Finally Here!



I have slaved away, worked out relentlessly,  even on days I did not want to. Yesterday, I FINALLY saw some definition! It is beginning!!!  I have wondered if this day would come. I wondered, if all the clean eating, push ups, and circuits were all in vain. Well 6 weeks into a consistent workout regimen and a better diet ( I have cheated), it’s here! I know you are supposed to be patient, and I am working on that trait, but YES!

This just goes to show you even if you don’t see it, it pays off. Hard work gets the results, and someone can tell you that until you are blue in the face, but, until you physically start to see it, it is not a reality. I know I am not the only one out there who set a goal and thought they would be there a little quicker than they anticipated. Being tall makes it that much more difficult for me to shed pounds. Seriously. I can lose inches like no tomorrow, but pounds. Pshh. My body is against it. I am convinced! lol. So I hope this motivates someone to keep going, keep striving, keep pushing. It will show. It will manifest. I am a testimony! I will post pictures of my one ab later. LOL . (Really there’s just one). Right now I have a water baby (Stomach is full o water).

Oh. Side Note. I do not recommend drinking 2 protein shakes with in a 3 hour period. You will signal that your body just ate a very large meal, and whatever you ate previously will be on it’s way. Learn from my error. O_O (TMI but seriously! I wished someone would have warned me!)


3 Days of Rest = Recharged!

I took the better part of  Tues – Thurs off from working out. It was due to me waking up at 6am and going full speed with my day until 11pm-12am. I really wasn’t getting the rest I needed, and in turn I was feeling tired throughout the day. Well 3 days of going to bed early and waking up a little later gave my body the recharge it needed. Rest is important when trying to maintain your health. It’s not all about the diet(as in what you eat), and the workouts you do. Those are important too, but rest is needed so your body can recover.

I went to the doctor this Thursday, a follow up from January, to find that I am still borderline diabetic my sugar was 101 and it is supposed to be in the 90-100 range. Not too bad compared to last time. I also have a vitamin D deficiency . But with a prescription I should be fine. This is one of the many reasons I am trying to up my fitness level. I am battling hereditary diseases and I am at risk for Hypertension,  high cholesterol ( I have that), diabetes, and some other depressing debilitating diseases. People look at me and think no way, you’re too young for all of the ailments to be already knocking at your door. The truth is I’m not. I’m going to be hitting 30 in two years and if I do not take preventive measures now. I will have to struggle to correct what damage I will do to my body later. I’d rather voluntarily do it now vs it being absolutely mandatory later. Scary stuff, but it is simply motivation for me.  On top of that when I change my diet, and workout, I’m going to look better!


Here is a little DitPic collage of my progress!  I can see it! I am excited!


Photo Apr 27, 9 34 50 AM

Moving Weekend

What a week it has been. I mean there were fireworks non-stop last week. I had an unfortunate blow out with my current roommate. We could not find a way to make our situation workable. It happens, but it is best that we separate and go our separate ways. So this weekend was a moving weekend. It just feels so good to live alone again. To have peace in your household and not walk into a world of dysfunction. If you have ever watched the Roommate is was a milder version of that. Hallelujah I will celebrate with a bottle of wine when I am officially unpacked. This is the 3rd time this year that I have moved. Moving sucks. There is no way around it, but it is an awesome workout! Tomorrow, me and my workout partner will be hitting the gym at our usual 5am time and running in the evenings since it has finally cooled down.

20 July, 2012 21:17

I thought I would feel bad or sad about letting this person go from my life. I actually feel peace. Was that person that much of a burden on me? Maybe the fact that I do not have to hold anyone accountable for their actions is why I am at peace. I do not know. If you would have caught me a few years back, I might have been extremely bitter about the situation. Maybe I trust that God has something better for me. Tonight I am going to go see the Dark Night movie. Recent events have me a little anxious about going to go see it. There was a shooting at a special premiere in Colorado. Scary. It makes you realize that there is not a whole lot you can do in a movie theater if someone decided to lose it. Limited amounts of exits and everything.