34 weeks Plus!

38 more days until I have a daughter!

Wow has time flown by. She has been the center of my universe and I am sure she will continue to be when she gets here. I almost have everything I need for her there are just a few things that I need to purchase and voila! Baby London will have everything she needs. I am also trying to prepare pre prepped meals so I will not have to worry about feeding myself. In the past month, I have had a Baby shower (Pics will be posted later), and a Maternity photoshoot! Here are some proofs




I also have had a few scares, as you progress into your 3rd trimester you spring leaks. I thought that I was leaking amniotic fluid at least 2 times. But I am fine at the nervous she’s almost here stage. My life has been no cake walk when it comes to stress and other personal life events, but I am handling it all as best as I can. I have learned you just have to learn what is really important and you cannot focus on what you cannot control. Just do your best and that will have to be good enough. My baby will also have several playmates, my cousin, brother, and a few friends are expecting babies!! This is an exciting time! I cannot wait to post about my baby’s arrival. Until then!