Garage Fit, Beauty Overhaul and etc

On tuesday,


I went for more Garage fit. He worked my lower back, and ab muscles and helped me with my knee’s flexibility. I cannot sit on my feet comfortably. So, he gave me homework and told me to practice it so I could get a better range of motion. I really think it has more to do with my nerves than anything. I will get through this!!! I burned 600+ calories and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. Gizmo, naturally was not excited about that. My dog lives for a game a fetch. I don’t. LOL. But his interests are my interests.

I have been in the business of buying new shoes. Shoes for leisure. I have a tendency to wear shoes out, because I wear them repeatedly. I have holes and cracks and some in a lot of my favorite shoes. So, I bought new ones!!! This certainly was not planned, but when you follow a gangload of fashionistas and have a few as friends, the shopping bug will bite you! So this is what I bought! (Can you tell I am excited)


and while searching for these shoes I found a lot more deals. Target is having a nice sale! I need a second job to support my recent shoe fetish. LOL.

Yesterday, I had my root canal and crown put in and I looked like a blow fish. Whatever they numbed me with was amazing. I had a great rapport with my Endodontist(A dentist who only does root canals) and my doctor. Take a look at my pic:



Today was supposed to be a Garage Fit day, but something came up with my trainer, so I may just ride my bike. I haven’t rode in 3 weeks! Crazy!!!! Well I hope everyone is doing fine. I am just excited to finally be back to normal!



My 4th


I’ve been missing for a few days. I have had one interesting 4th of July. I had severe tooth pain that prevented me from  doing anything but trying to take the pain away.I broke down into tears had me in tears. I mean I was desperate. The pain started mildly at on July 3rd and progressively got worse. By the 4th I was desperate and looked up a dentists on ZocDoc (An awesome site with a large range of Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists, and specialists, that allows you to book with them online). Of course, very few doctors were open. I booked an appointment with one hoping she would show up and called her several times to see if she would confirm my appointment. It was a holiday after all, and I just didnt want to take any chances. So I guess she put her personal number on the site by mistake and texted me, “Who is this?” I informed her of my dental emergency and she agreed to meet me. She tried to get me to go to other Dentists and I begged her to see me or at least help me with the infection. (I had inflammation in my gums, ew I know). She prescribed me Amoxicillin( Pill form of Penicillin, and some ibuprofen). So I finally had a little relief after hours of being in absolute agony. I made an appointment to see her the next day. Work kept calling me. I was on call. I eventually texted my boss my situation and that the back up person would need to take over. They STILL called me. I could not even think. Throughout the 4th, I slept. That is all I could do, the pain pills were not working but for 2 hours at a time and I knew I would need something stronger, like Vicodin. I am not fond of pills, but in this case, I NEEDED them. That would be the only way I would be able to make it through the night. I even contemplated drinking and taking some pills so I could be sleepy and sleep. A toothache will make you think of doing some dangerous things.


So, I had a friend with some left over Vicodin from a knee surgery and I took one to sleep. That lasted me 4 hours. YIKES. Any time I have taken Vicodin for pain (knee, dental work etc) I have been knocked out cold. Completely. So I took some ibuprofen and tried to sleep. I really didn’t. The only thing that I know that I find soothing, is taking a hot bath. I took like 4 throughout the night. In the morning, I woke up groggy from my non sleep, and took another Vicodin hoping I would be able to get ready for work. It worked, but It made me so sleepy.  I fell asleep in the bathtub. Put on my work pants and fell asleep again. I wasn’t late for work. LOL. But I was in pain, answering calls, and everyone who saw me was like O_O  You need to go home. As soon as another co worker got in I left. I had to wait until 2pm that day to get some relief. They numbed me up and cleaned out the infected tooth. I have to get a root canal and a crown, but I will be okay. I just recommend you do not go more than 6 months without seeing a dentist. That was my downfall. This root canal and crown is going to cost me $1,000+.