Facebook Announcement


I finally announced my pregnancy to my main social sites, Facebook and Instagram. It was not a secret, but I wanted to be very cute with my announcement. I wanted to incorporate my dog, since I treat him like my child and so I went and looked up pregnancy announcements. Here is the end result!



Pretty cute huh! Hope my re-sizing is not too small but it was huge at the start. I took a picture with my Nikon J1 and it turned out great. I am now 17 weeks along and I am interested in feeling my baby move. I feel like I might have felt her move, but I cannot be too sure. I am sure that it will happen soon. Most 1st time mothers do not feel anything until 20 weeks or so.

School has been kicking my assets, and I find that concentrating on things is hard for me lately. I hear it is associated with being pregnant. Sucks, because I am the sharpest person to most people, and I have become extremely forgetful! I made an 85 on my midterm, and I am very satisfied with that being that I read 4 of the 8 chapters a couple of days before the midterm. I definitely should not let that happen again. EVER.

I have decided to wait on purchasing a home for now, and decided to continue to rent an apartment. Having a baby and a House note on my one person income may be too much for me. So once I get a decent raise, or promotion and adjust to life with a small baby, then I will start the exciting journey again. I move in a few weeks.

In workout news, I have not been motivated, I just have not done it. Period. I am however active, when it comes to work and when I am out, I am just not working out. When I move I will use our amazing apartment gym and take walks around our community. It will be good for the baby and me. I will also do some of these stretches I found on pinterest. So expect some bump pictures soon, I have honestly not been in a picture friendly mood. So I will get it together.

I’m an Aunt…again!

The 3rd times a charm!


That is for sure! This weekend, I got the prestigious honor of being there when my oldest brothers 1st child was born. I was so excited. I mean, life is truly amazing. Kayla Michelle Davis was born around 5pm on 08/11/13, weighing 8lbs 13oz and being 22 inches long! She is a pretty little girl, and the new parents couldn’t be any happier. I have a niece (4) and a nephew(1) by my younger brother.

I pretty much spent the weekend doing that and being a complete bum inside the house. I occasionally made up my mind to go somewhere, but ended up finishing my Amazon Prime Borrowed book on my kindle and relaxing. Sometimes after waking up at 5am non-stop and going to be late, can take a toll.

Some other things I want to address are on the emotional side. I am typically the type to be shy to reveal my real feelings about things, due to them largely being misinterpreted. I am a very passionate being, and I tend to not speak up at opportune times and sometimes that has a negative effect in my personal life. It’s a defense mechanism I will be working on for my entire life. It took me a while to not be a quiet being (I’m loud and funny now) Being an adult and mature. If I am interested in you, then I somewhere somehow deeply believe in you. It will show and I will even tell you so in so many ways. However, that is not to be regarded as being weak. If I feel, or see that something is wrong, or I do not feel is right, then, I will ask questions. Now it will not be an FBI interrogation, however, I will be direct. Direct is what I do very well. It cut’s out the possibility of deflection.

I just want people to understand that if I am passionate about you, I will have many questions for you regarding your life, because I am interested. My dating life is a bit of a comedy at the moment, and I am not getting what I require from people. In order for me to truly get what I want, I have to REQUIRE it from someone. I use to think that my requirements did not have to be stated. Unfortunately the way these guys are set up, you do. So at the moment.

I like someone, I am unsure of his intentions and I am afraid to ask. (Cue that shy introverted girl) Chances are I know it is going to be one of those, “I’m not where I want to be” speeches, because I have the most impeccable way of meeting and liking the right guy at the WRONG time in his life. When are you dimwits going to realize that you will forever be working on yourselves, that that is a life-long process! I am a person wants you for your intellectual worth not what state you are in materialistically, I evidently made that assessment when I first got to know you. I see things like this: even when my physical, and your physical attributes wear away we still have a mental connection and have that person you can talk to about anything, about everything. I’m looking at you for your worth, not what you are currently worth!  You say you want success, well, so do I. You aren’t where you want to be career – wise, financially. Hello! Me too! We are all getting there or working on making our lives more enriched. Why can’t we cake this vertical climb together? I truly don’t get it. That will forever baffle me. I Hope that works out for you and if it does, great. But I’m over here believing in you being your biggest cheerleader and you don’t seem to see me. I am invisible. Thanks for all of your consideration of my awesomeness. I just hope one day it seriously is worth something to someone other than myself, and I truly have the treatment (basics) that I desire. Nothing irrational, just simple and for me kind of thing. Can you tell I am frustrated? I am. I am sure dating will get better, but for now it is not.

WordPress Anniversary!

Do you know what today is?!



It’s my WordPress anniversary! How exciting. Well I would like to thank my sister for letting me know that WordPress was an excellent choice as a platform for blogging. I appreciate her, I would not have had the amazing opportunity to connect with bloggers that I have in the past 12 months.

Yesterday I worked out with my trainer and boy, I sweated. I ran for 1 minutes, then we went right into 1 minute 30 second planks, jumping jack planks(My informal description), side planks, situps of every kind. Bad punches, rope thrusts and jumping jacks in 96 degree weather. We got it in. Despite me and my chronic run in with an occasional wasp(I think they are stalking me wherever I go)  I did not complain! This is big. lol. I was so dead after this workout. I needed that. I did not bring my polar so, I have no clue what I burned or what my heart rate was.

I ended Thursday by watching the Chernobyl movie. It was cool, and very creepy. I turned on the lights and hugged Gizmo. lol. Hopefully everyone has a great weekend and thank you for journeying with me on this one year blogging span. I appreciate you all!

The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Sometimes, I think the world views me as a boring person. My thoughts? I think I am the most interesting woman in the world. I think when it comes to happiness and the things I need to satisfy my core are simple, but my interests are vast in my mind. My thoughts are infinite, my ideas are never ending. I want to try almost anything when it comes to life. There are a few “I won’t go there’s” and I believe everyone has them. Making my interests transparent doesn’t seem to really catch others attentions. I feel as if they think I am only four corners, when I feel like I may be more of an infinite loop. Remaining positive about someone seeing my creativity and interest in things is something I am hopeful for. This world is cloudy and actual people only want to have surface relationships and I want the most intimate one available! I love DIY projects, I love scrapbooking, I love animals, volunteering, swimming, playing sports, baking, cooking, and you name it! I want to try it. I know, I am not supposed to try and impress anyone, but a little recognition would be nice one of these days. Maybe someone will appreciate me and all of my little interests one day. The other day, I was on the phone with this guy I met in Dallas in December. We really have had no conversation. I suppose, because he is attractive, that has given him an excuse to not have a voice. I ask him what is going on in his world, and he says, “Good things”. I ask him to indulge and “good things” is as far as I can get, then he asks me when can he visit me. EHHHH. Not what I am looking for. I am also not trying to be negative, but I don’t just want to have a warm body next to me for the sake of saying I have somebody. Hopefully he can get that, because I explained to him that our conversations were more about nothing and he had nothing to say…..So yes, he will not get that opportunity to visit me, because what would we talk about when he got here?! Entertaining someone with no conversation sounds challenging, and frustrating. I also see how much I have grown as a person to be able to trim the fat. I think that is a milestone in a person’s late 20’s life, for some that is an incredible task to do. So I will continue to be my most interesting woman in the world self, yet appears boring to others and continue on this journey.

High School Peoples’ Opinions actually STILL Matter to people?

I’ve come to the conclusion that my friend cares what people in high school still think about her. My question is why? Why would you care about people who put you down in high school? Like after you graduated? Today, I give zero *bleeps*! In high school I was a looser. I was shy, quiet, lanky, awkward, and weird. There was a part of me that wanted to blend in or just simply fit in. That was because I was a teenager, uncomfortably self-conscious about myself. Being 5’10 in High school gave me nowhere to blend, or hide. I was noticeable. But I have grown to be a confident woman, who embraces all of the things that made me feel awkward. The truth? EVERYONE was awkward back then. The only way you learn to live without these things being awkward now is to embrace them. Those people who tormented me in my years? I have seen some of them on FB and trust me they really really really are almost in the same exact place they have been since we graduated. Some are dead, some are in jail, and some are just ratchet. Most actually are ratchet. My success today had nothing to do with their thoughts about me back in 2003.It was all me. I went to college graduated, I have a career with a lot of promising forward movement, and I am perusing furthering my education. I have traveled, I have lived on every side of town there is to live, I have had the freedom to love life without the” What will these people think of me if I do this” boggling me down. I just want her to remove those self-conscious shackles and be free. The low – self-esteem era of life is over and it is time to leave it where it was… in the past.