The Not So Perfect Story of My So-Called Love Life

It started out fine. You wanted the things I wanted. In the beginning your effort was more than evident. A call here a text there, a curiosity about me was there. The more you found out and placed yourself in my world, the more I wanted you there. I wanted feelings to blossom; I wanted the care and affection I’ve been searching for to begin. Then, it seems, you became bored. Your texts became fewer, your calls non-existent, plans got canceled, and you didn’t mind not seeing me for weeks at a time. I tried to let you know that my time was valuable and it backfired. This led to more canceled times, more disappointment. You said you were busy and stretched thin. Starved for your attention, I let you know what I could handle, and the few and far in betweens, was not my idea of romance. It seems it fell on deaf ears, and you continued to be too busy to see my interest in you was fading. Or was it that you wanted it to fade? Did you make a choice to frustrate me to the point of not speaking, or even having bitterness towards you? I hope not. Never was I worried that another wouldn’t have the same excitement as you in the beginning. I was just hoping your interest, unlike the others would be more permanent. Looks like I was wrong, you ARE just like the others. So, I really have to do myself a favor and move on.