Being an Anchor


I am an anchor.

It is a natural thing for me to fall into. I am a confidant, I am a psychologist, I am an open non judgmental listening ear for everyone I feel in my life needs it. It is my nature. Pouring my positive energy into people is one of my favorite most intrinsic things to do. It is a selfless job, it is great that people feel that my advice is worthy of taking into consideration, it is what makes relationships with others valuable.

What happens if I need to be anchored? My ship ties decide to become loose, and I sway in an uncharted direction? Who helps pull me back to the dock? Lately, I have felt like I was finding myself  swaying in uncharted waters. I am human, it is only natural that I have some feelings of “What direction do I go to next?” Well, I guess I have to take some of that good ole advice that I dish out (Which is really hard to do btw).

This portion of my life has put me in touch with a lot of my emotions. I placed a wall up at some point in my life where my emotions, my human feelings were there, but I had a mask on to the entire world. I have a tendency to place my emotions and feelings on things on the back burner to not cause conflict. Also so I don’t look like some “emotional” or “sensitive” person. “It IS okay to be human.”  is something I have had to tell myself, it is okay to have some conflicts. You have to learn that you matter as well, even if people expect you to go along with something unrealistic.

I really learned that my emotions matter when I had my baby. She was my wake up call to show, you still feel, you are not emotionless inside, and it is perfectly fine to feel that way outwardly. Your emotions do matter. So in essence, my baby girl has helped me stand up a lot more for what I feel is right. Now, by no means will I go overboard with it, but I need to make sure that others do not try to mess up my peace. Being vulnerable is the beauty of being human. It can hurt sometimes, but it comes along with the process. It is the key to finding your joy.

I am learning that I can pour into those, as well I can anchor them. I just need to make sure when I pour I consider myself too. Isn’t the maturation process amazing? Going through it, you certainly do not think so, but reflecting, there is indeed beauty in it.



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We all have attitudes towards events that happen in our life right? I believe so. Difficult times, and or choices we have to make can really have an effect on our feelings about ourselves and how we are perceived towards others. I believe that if we are able to get a handle on our reactions, and adjust our attitudes towards difficult events, we can be far more prosperous.

I was dealt a deck of cards on Monday that made me want to binge eat, and wallow in my sorrows. I told myself, wait, you need to process before you react to the cards you were dealt, and think of how you can effectively solve your problems. I found that all the anxiety I was feeling, all of the angst and the “What am I going to dos” turn into, I can get through this. Hassels  happen everyday. Shoot about 10 happened to me yesterday! I still found time to smile!

So I hope this encourages someone to turn the frown and complaints around and actively process your issues, and find that the solution may be in front of your face while you were too busy wallowing in the negative what if’s. Just a little pick me up for those who are feeling down and out! Hope it helps!

School has started and I will try to keep up with my blog as much as I can, but It may be put in the pile of I can do it later. I have had to look at all of my commitments and had to decide what is more of a priority in my life at the moment.

School is number one, my job is too. I have commitments with my job and volunteering, and working out. My dog is up there high too. Then comes the little things, vacations, friendships and events, outings, fantasy football, ect. Those go on the back burner. Sometimes this is needed. So you wont over commit and under produce. I will keep you guys posted as much as I can!


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