3 Days of Rest = Recharged!

I took the better part of  Tues – Thurs off from working out. It was due to me waking up at 6am and going full speed with my day until 11pm-12am. I really wasn’t getting the rest I needed, and in turn I was feeling tired throughout the day. Well 3 days of going to bed early and waking up a little later gave my body the recharge it needed. Rest is important when trying to maintain your health. It’s not all about the diet(as in what you eat), and the workouts you do. Those are important too, but rest is needed so your body can recover.

I went to the doctor this Thursday, a follow up from January, to find that I am still borderline diabetic my sugar was 101 and it is supposed to be in the 90-100 range. Not too bad compared to last time. I also have a vitamin D deficiency . But with a prescription I should be fine. This is one of the many reasons I am trying to up my fitness level. I am battling hereditary diseases and I am at risk for Hypertension,  high cholesterol ( I have that), diabetes, and some other depressing debilitating diseases. People look at me and think no way, you’re too young for all of the ailments to be already knocking at your door. The truth is I’m not. I’m going to be hitting 30 in two years and if I do not take preventive measures now. I will have to struggle to correct what damage I will do to my body later. I’d rather voluntarily do it now vs it being absolutely mandatory later. Scary stuff, but it is simply motivation for me.  On top of that when I change my diet, and workout, I’m going to look better!


Here is a little DitPic collage of my progress!  I can see it! I am excited!


Photo Apr 27, 9 34 50 AM