Weekend recap

Where do I begin? I went to Dallas this weekend and I really enjoyed myself. I have created even stronger bonds with my friends that have moved there and lived there that I met a few years back, and got to even have my 1st experience with taking my dog with me on his 1st road trip.

My trip consisted of me catching up with friends, failing miserably at karaoke, dancing and emphasizing and eating delish brunch. My dog got along well with another pet in the household, and even attempted to be the house alarm system. My dog is an absolute character I tell you. I got some beautiful Candies platform heels for 10.00!!! At the buffalo exchange and had an amazing lemon cupcake.

On the way back to Houston, it was an adventure, I have a friend who rode with me back. My friend isn’t the biggest fan of energetic dogs and my dog is the epitome of energetic. If you look up in the dictionary energy, you will see a picture of Gizmo. So I finally used the dog crate I bought over a year ago and it worked well. Now he whined, growled, barked, huffed and puffed in protest, but we made it with no incidents.

Overall, this trip really showed me there are genuine people out there and that there is appreciation for you when you least expect it. As of lately, I haven’t felt appreciated, and it feels good to be validated that you DO impact people’s lives. Sometimes you just need that.