Weekends and such

Good afternoon!

How was everyone’s Weekend?! Mine was fantabulous! (Yes that’s a made up word) I first would like to point out that She’s Losing It nominated me for a WordPress Family Award! Yay! Thanks Girl! I am honored.

This award was created for bloggers who are part of the WordPress “family” and take the time to be supportive of other bloggers by giving positive feedback, answer questions and do so in a non-competitive way.


  1. Display the award logo on your blog.(done)
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.(done)
  3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.(doing)
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Now, to my weekend. I went to visit my new boo, (I have a boyfriend now!) at his Military Base in Louisiana. I made the three hour trek with my pooch, and it went without a hitch.  I got there and we hung out, watched football, went to eat with his friends, and watch a movie. The next day, we went to the gym and GOT. IT. IN. Did I mention he and his friend are training for a fitness competition? I had an amazing workout with his guidance and his friend and wife. It was almost like a double gym date of sorts lol. We did barbell exercises, leg lift machine exercises, dumbbell exercises, and resistance bands. Then we went and did 30 minutes of cardio. I was HUNGRY! I tore into one of my pre prepped meals when I got back into the house. After that, he gave me a mini tour of the post, and took a test for class. we spent the rest of the time watching some football (I love Football!). I had such a great time I didn’t want to leave. 😦

Here are some vids and pics:



Also, I have lost about 4lbs already being on my 6 small meals, low carb, meal plan as of lately! I am so excited! I hope I can see an ab soon! Anywho, that was my weekend! Stay tuned for Transformation Tuesdays!

30 Day Push; Day 23

I got my day started with running a 5k. It was humid out there this morning. I pushed and ran a complete mile in 7 minutes. I had some trouble towards the end of my run, but I feel like I did great! I will post my time as soon as I can. The 30 day push is almost coming to an end {insert sad face here} I enjoyed pushing myself and my developing abs and waistline thank me for that.  I have 2 more 5k’s this year to finish out and who knows, I may sign up for a few more! I have the Susan G. Komen this year and The turkey Run. I am thinking of attending the color run, that sounds like fun fun fun! Well back to football! My fantasy team is doing okay despite me failing to check my roster and notice that one of my WR’s is OUT AHHH! lol. HAve a good Sunday!

Update:  I shaved a minute off my normal running time when it comes to 5k’s. It normally takes me 40 mins and it took me 39. The road to 37 (that’s my goal at the moment)is closing in! Yay! I just have to learn to push through and not let the heat get to me. Where I live it is extremely humid beyond belief and causes me to feel dizzy. I’ll work on it.

30 Day Push: Day 9


Are you ready for some football?! I joined a fantasy football leauge with some guys from work, and let me tell you…it is fun. I named my team the Doll Faces and they are killing! I mean I an slaughtering these guys. Let’s hope my players can keep this up. I need a day of recovery. After that 5k I ran on Saturday, I feel the burn! So, I’m relaxing! Enjoy your Sunday! Laters.