30 Day Push: Day 11

Good Morning!,

I had an adventure today. I tried to find the running group Black Girls Run at a nearby park, and the park has 3 huge sections including a golf park. At 5am, this was dang near impossible. So I drove back home, and decided to go to just put in a work out DVD, and old school one at that. Tae Bo! I doubled timed it for 30+ minutes. I want to get an evening run in since it is cool today (aka perfect running weather)Off to the land of spreadsheets and formulas! It pays the bills.

Update: I ran 1.8 miles today around my neighborhood. It felt good. I also took my dog to the park to let him stretch his legs. I will try again with the Black Girls Run! group tomorrow. BTW I do two a days Tues-Thurs. Me and a friend do this normally, but she just started her Masters program, so I might have lost my workout partner(Ohhh NOOOO). Well let me finish this protein shake.