Weekend recap

This weekend was fun!!! My company had a BBQ cookoff that benefits a scholarship hey offer to employees and it was fun. Free liquor and food, as long as you purchased tickets. I felt like I was at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. Yep!


I then went back into town to celebrate a good friends party at a local club. What a blast. I changed in the car and added some lipstick and heels lol. I crashed so hard that night morning when I got home

The next day I picked up my dog and went to spend my day in Katy by the pool until the concert. I went to see Jill Scott and Charlie Wilson. It was awesomeness. We ended the night eating at cheddars and singing all of our favorite love songs on the way home good times indeed.


I finished the weekend out celebrating my good friends birthday at brunch and relaxing by the pool. So much fun!!