MS 150


I have officially signed up for the MS 150

I have mixed feelings about it but overall positive ones. The MS 150 is a bike ride that benefits Multiple Sclerosis. It is a bike ride that starts in Houston and ends in Austin over a two day period. It is one of the biggest bike rides out there and people come from  all over to participate. I am happy, because the bike ride is for an excellent cause and also I am nervous, because I have only rode 28 miles at the most on my bike. There are training seminars that I can participate in and also my company does a full fledged support of it. I also will be riding with a few of my managers and supervisors so I am sure it will be fun. So if anyone is interested in donating to the cause, please donate on my behalf, everyone who rides has to raise at least $400.00!!! If you can donate just one dollar, a nickel, I will be grateful, because it is just one step closer to my fundraising goal. You can donate here


Thank you in advance for anyone who donates!!!


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Weekend Recap

This weekend in Houston could not have been more perfect.


We are actually having a spring, and it is wonderful! I set my Sundresses and hats out, hung out outdoors with my dog, went to the park, and enjoyed great company. I mean there were no complaints.  Despite me adjusting to this new work schedule that requires me to work the weekends, I went to a crawfish boil, ate well and worked out. The sodium in the crawfish, however, made me bloated. I never noticed how foods  inflate you and make you feel puffy. Cleaning up my diet has given me such insight. I see now, why I should stay away. I no longer see food as food, I see the fat, sodium and sugars it possesses  This change was needed especially with the goals I have in mind. I ran with my dog in the park for about two hours, Did a mini circuit that required me to do 3 rounds of 25 crunches 25 mountain climbers and a 1 minute plank (which has surprisingly gotten easier!) I might add 10 burpees in the mix next time just to get my heart rate up. I also did the little cross fit butt blaster routine and ended my day with a light jog back to my apartment.


I didn’t take any pictures but I did read a few books this weekend and shop I bought this romper from Asos



and some shorts and a tee from Forever 21. I guess you can say I was extremely productive? Maybe!