Friday Faves

I am taking a page from one of my blogger friends book, thedancingrunner and listing some favorites or things I want.

For starters, I want this coffee mug!



It’s so edgy. Some purchases I made recently, are shoes. I have plenty of flats and shoes for outside of work, but the majority of my work shoes are torn and tattered. So I went to the clearance section of Target and copped these two bad boys.



I live for the clearance/sales at Target. I never buy anything full price unless it speaks to me.
Today I am running on approximately 5 hours of sleep, and I have a session with my trainer. O_O. Wish me luck. I will probably go straight to bed after that! Ha! For anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight, I would like to ask you, do you have a hard time accepting the reality that you are actually achieving your goal, or surpassing it? ,That is currently happening to me. I look in the mirror and I expect to see what I saw in January. Instead I see my physique taking on a more athletic tone, and it’s amazing and hard to really believe that this is my body in metamorphosis. It inspires me to push myself harder to see what else will get a little tighter, or what else will manifest. Hopefully, I don’t sound crazy, but this is truly an experience.

In other fitness news, I would like to get my running mojo back and run more than 3 miles. I feel like my knee is up for it and I would like to push myself to run a 10k. I used to love running, and it was therapy to hear my breath, my feet hit the pavement, and feel my heart beating at a fast, but steady rate. So I found a training schedule for beginners on Women’s Health. They currently have a 10k that is going to be run throughout the country. Here is there training schedule for beginners.:

8-9-2013 8-22-36 AM


This is very do-able! Shout out to all my running fanatics! You inspire me. Well, Happy Friday everyone!


Beginner cross fit workout

I posted a few beginner workouts in a previous blog and I finally was able to try one out. Let me just say I burned 260+ calories in 25 minutes. That is amazing. It is not for the faint of heart and you will need water. I was shaking at the end of this workout but I made it through.


Here is the ladder workout. A day of rest is recommended after you complete it, I’m sore!


3 rounds
50 jumping jacks
10 push ups
10 air squats

30 second each side lunge stretch
60 second butterfly stretch
30 second dynamic arm swings
30 second wide arm circle forward
30 second wide arm circle backward

50 push-up -(I did push-ups on my knees for half of this)
40 lunges(knee injury prevented me from attempting this so in substituted air squats)
30 sit-ups
20 air squats
10 burpees
60 second plank hold
10 burpees
20 air squats
30 sit-ups
40 lunges
50 push-ups

Good luck! Tomorrow in will attempt the butt blaster