2018 So Far


There are a few things that I intended on accomplishing this year. I have a list! (The real question is, when do I not have a list?!)

  • Create a Savings Plan
    • I am using the Dave Ramsey methods, and I recommend his book Total Money Make over and the use of his envelope system. This is where you get your power back when it comes to spending and saving money! 51ayznq412bl


  • I also upped my 52 weeks savings plan from just saving by what week it was in the year to attempting to take the 5,000.00 52 week money challenge. We will see how this will work out this year. I have faith! If you want to follow it is never too late to save a dollar and some!



  • Be more committed to fitness
    • I now work out 4-5 times a week. I typically only can dedicate one hour to fitness in my day and I make sure It is worth it. I have a plan and a purpose. I just want to make sure that heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases are kept at bay. I also want legs like I had when I was in track. It is going to happen people! I joke with my friends all the time about how I want to look like edible arraignments LOL. Now even some of them are jumping on that whole snack bandwagon!
    • I follow some pretty inspiring people on the “Gram” @FitfoodieLe @FollowtheLita @MassyArias are a few people who I am truly inspired by. I feel like they offer something I can truly benefit and can learn from.
    • I plan to run 5 or more 5k runs this year as well.
  • Utilize my power in saying No
    • *big sigh* Hi, my name is Sharde and I am a person who seems to over commit myself to everything. I am the go – to in my family, friends, and many others because, well my heart is that big. I sometimes forget about myself in that equation like, how am I going to be at two birthday parties that start within 30 minutes of each other? I have learned to send a “I can’t make it” Or a firm no with zero explanations. I feel empowered and like I am taking care of myself when I use the word no. There has to be a recharge period for me and a reset. If I do not take care of me, how will I be useful to anyone else.
  • Graduate Grad School
    • I do not know if I have really mentioned to anyone BUT! I am in school. Inspiration behind is I intended on accomplishing this in 2014, but God had other plans for me that year. I had my daughter and put the degree on the back burner. I picked it up in the summer last year and I will complete the task this year! So far,  I have been doing great with my studies, and when the time is right, I will make moves that align with my career goals.

So far life has been great this year. I hope to cover some interesting topics on my blog, such as life or responsibility as a single mother, trying to have a fitness regimen while being a single mama, empowering yourself, and learning to go with the flow in those times that things do not go according to our plans.  Hope that someone can take my life lessons and apply them to their life.

Eventful is not the Word

I have had all kinds of things going on these days,

School has kept me so busy, that I was unable to even look at a gym. Luckily, I was able to do a 5k and a 28 mile bike ride this weekend, which has my glutes a little sore, but I feel foxxy! I did the Tour de Donut which benefits the Make-a-Wish Foundation, with my new bike group called the Slow Spoke Society! Go on over to our Facebook Page and like it! We are new fresh and ready to conquer rides! On this bike tour, we got to eat as many donuts as we could as we rode. I ate about 3 donuts. I was more concerned about the water and where it was lol. Check out the pics!


This entire month has been absolutely challenging for me. School, Work projects, Home life, and just life in general has been a whirlwind. My home life in particular was a nuclear disaster, which is why I ended up moving, and I feel like a heavy load or burden has been lifted. My morale this month, because of my stressful home life, has been all the way down. But do not worry, I have managed to stay positive, take it one step at a time and I am rebuilding it back up.

The 5k and the 28 mile bike ride really helped. When in doubt, work out! Ha! Working out has become such a great form of therapy. I mean, I read about it being a stress reliever and therapy, but I think I truly experienced it this weekend. Sometimes life will kick you in the rear hard. It is up to you whether you become a victim of your circumstances, or get back up and say is that all you got?!

I got contacts this Friday and I as a avid glasses wearer feel so fancy! LOL I like that people can see my face and I like the surprise people see when they notice my glasses are missing.

This week I am going to get back into my workout routine, start to bike halfway to work, work on reading my 3 chapters, 2 discussions, and 2 papers. Sounds like a lot, I know, but time management is the key to being successful! I got it. Hope everyone’s week is great as well! Stay focused and positive!!!



5K Dream Deferred…

Remember that 5k I was supposed to run in on Saturday? Well, that dream was deferred  Anyone who lives in the Houston, TX area knows how bad parking is in the Medical Center and how confusing that can be. Poor planning on my part resulted in me circling the 5k route for a good 30 minutes. I was unable to find the designated parking place, and opted to just run by my apartment at the wonderful park up the street. 5k timed or not, I could still get my 3 mile run in. As I exit to go to the park, rain pours down. Dream absolutely differed. I opted for an Ihop Swiss Mocha instead.

I cannot be mad, all I can do is look forward to the next 5k or take on my running adventures around my apartment and local park. This will not get me down and like I said it’s deferred, like a student loan payment ha ha! My knee got some movement on the elliptical today. I think I will stick with the elliptical until it gets a little bit stronger. It hyper-extended a few times, but minus the pain! This is progress.

30 Day Push; Day 23

I got my day started with running a 5k. It was humid out there this morning. I pushed and ran a complete mile in 7 minutes. I had some trouble towards the end of my run, but I feel like I did great! I will post my time as soon as I can. The 30 day push is almost coming to an end {insert sad face here} I enjoyed pushing myself and my developing abs and waistline thank me for that.  I have 2 more 5k’s this year to finish out and who knows, I may sign up for a few more! I have the Susan G. Komen this year and The turkey Run. I am thinking of attending the color run, that sounds like fun fun fun! Well back to football! My fantasy team is doing okay despite me failing to check my roster and notice that one of my WR’s is OUT AHHH! lol. HAve a good Sunday!

Update:  I shaved a minute off my normal running time when it comes to 5k’s. It normally takes me 40 mins and it took me 39. The road to 37 (that’s my goal at the moment)is closing in! Yay! I just have to learn to push through and not let the heat get to me. Where I live it is extremely humid beyond belief and causes me to feel dizzy. I’ll work on it.