Almost Full Term

Hey there!


How is everybody? Me I am over here just counting down the little days I have left before I have a little one to care for. Honestly, I am terrified/excited/asking Jesus if I can do this. 10 little fingers and toes will be my responsibility. That’s a lot. I have had a few hiccups in my plan as far as having assistance from a few family members, and I will say, it was a very eye opening experience. People who I would not have even imagined to even be interested in my life, have offered me assistance in my transition from a singular individual to a mommy. I am forever grateful, and words, tears, and emotions cannot even describe how thankful I am for those people. 🙂 They get all of my smiley faces.

I had my 36 week Doctor appointment yesterday, and my cervix is closed and the baby is high up. Looks like she will take her time coming into this world, and I do not plan on rushing her (Unless medically necessary or at/past my due date). If I can avoid a c-section, I will. My doctor wanted me to induce and I was like no ma’am. She looked at me funny like are you sure, I was like I am positive. The more my little one can cook the better she will be health wise. No need to rush what my body is naturally programmed to do. I know there are some Moms out there who are pro induction, but this little lady, is not. I do not care how many stretch marks my belly button is getting. (Let’s pour a little bio oil out for my new stripes), haha.

In other adventures, I have been taking “usies” LOL  and trying to refrain from profane language to those inconsiderate people who park their cars extra close to your door. Try fitting a belly, 6ft of long legs and this booty all in my car from the passenger side. I am also amazed at the little movements my belly does. My baby likes to contort my stomach. I’ve had what looked like Camel humps,  little elbows, and cleavage LOL! Other than that My dog, Gizmo has no idea that his attention is about to be divided. I am sort of worried about how he will adjust, but I am sure my smart little Yorkie will get the hang of it once he gets over being jealous. I’ve secretly been tempted to put a onsie on him, but I have not. He is a boy and I do not need to exploit my poor doggie like that.




One thought on “Almost Full Term

  1. thedancingrunner says:

    Love this! It’s interesting reading about what you go through! Makes me want to be a mama…well kinda lol. I also think it’s smart you are letting the lil muffin cook some more!

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