Awesome Weekend Recap

What a weekend!

It was action packed. I;

  • Won a TV at work! O EM GEEEE!
  • Had my cousin come in from Chile (she is a flight attendant)
  • Organized the rest of my apartment
  • Got all angry pregnant lady on Pizza Hut for their poor customer service
  • Played with my dog
  • Got Pedi’s with my cousin
  • Ate at Joe’s
  • Went Grocery Shopping
  • Had my new mattress delivered ( I now sleep on clouds)
  • Went to the pool for a swim
  • Cooked dinner for my sister and cousin

It was pretty eventful! But fun. I moved to a new area of town recently and have yet to learn all the ins and outs of the area. Still I love the new pedi place, they serve alcoholic beverages. So trust me as soon as my daughter makes her appearance (Maybe a month or two after) I will have myself a tasty alcoholic beverage!

On Sunday the day was beautiful so my sister, cousin, Gizmo(my dog), and I went to the pool. Check out my mini photo shoot


So since I have had a growth spurt per say, my bikini tops no longer fit or should I say cover the bases. So Sports bra it is!  I even have a tough time with those, but hey! I will go swimsuit shopping soon (I will wear a bikini preggo and all). I cooked my famous stuffed shells for my sis and cousin, and they enjoyed it!  I am glad! I love cooking for people. Makes me feel domesticated! Ha!

This Monday I am getting back into the swing of things. I go from a later shift to an earlier shift and I now work the weekends this April. I did some finagling, and switched with a few co workers to volunteer for the MS150. I wish I could participate in the bike ride, but, hey, preggo power will support on the sidelines.  I also have to take 4 tests for school (thanks to my concentration issues/procastination) tonight by midnight. I have yet to take one test. Pray for me people!

In other pregnant news. I have never been so insecure about words/silly conversations in my life. Hormones are……irrational and at times so am I. My cousin decides to nickname me fatty and I know she means well, I know I am nowhere near fat, but my irrational mind really believes her, I had to stop her from saying it. I also got into a spat with a friend over the word MILF. As silly as that is, I wanted validation and I came to the conclusion that he does not think I am a MILF due to my pregnant status. It pissed me off, made me cry a little and then he got in his feelings and went for a verbal attack. I had to tell him I would talk to him later we both cannot be irrational and emotional. One of us has to be clear in life. I guess being pregnant and having friends who have never dealt with a pregnant woman do not understand things she will ask will be off the wall and matter no matter how silly Oh wells. One day when he has a wife, he will be like OHHHHH Light bulb!

Well I will keep you guys posted on my pregnant adventures! Bye!

4 thoughts on “Awesome Weekend Recap

    • Sharde says:

      Thanks! and Thanks for the well wishes on the TV. My job was having an expo and that was the grand prize! Let’s hope they have something similar at your workplace!

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