TGI Friday Faves

TGI Friday faves is something that my fellow blogger friend thedancingrunner does on her page every Friday. I think I am inspired and I will take a page from her book!

Holiday Wreaths

I love love love seeing Holiday Wreaths, I cannot wait to buy a house and go overboard with DIY projects such as these


Hot Chocolate! 

Nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays like hot chocolate extra whip please!



A cozy printed sweater

Keep me warm and fashion forward!!!

This weekend I will go for my biweekly hair appointment, shop for clean foods (I’ve been eating turrible!) , working on school work, celebrating my baby sisters birthday, and I plan on putting some mileage on my bike!


What gets you in the mood for the holidays?

What are your plans for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “TGI Friday Faves

  1. Holly says:

    I will be DIYing it up this year too! I woke up to snow today, so that’s put me in the mood. Also, watching holiday movies, wearing hats and mittens, and cooking comfort food gets me in the holiday spirit.

  2. My Pretty Brown Blog says:

    I love that wreath! I’d love to make one for Christmas! And peppermint bark, egg nog, reading, and family…make the holidays worthwhile! Oh and can’t forget Christmas music and movies. Charlie Brown Christmas and The Christmas Story…two of my faves!

    • shoedooo says:

      I can send you the link on how to make it. It’s cheap and easy to make. Peppermint bark ahhh that is a classic as well as eggnog and family! Charlie Brown Christmas is everything. Those are some good picks!

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