Moving Weekend

My weekend was full of cardboard!

Literally. I woke bright and early to get my rented U-Haul, and had movers move my major furniture into storage. It was really Humid with no wind so things got a little sticky. I wore shorts and a loose shirt and that still did not help things. I got a few cat calls though LOL! After that a friend came over to help me make a few trips and I had to go back to the new place to make sure the AT&T guy connected my service. I have to have Showtime. I cannot be without it! He had trouble finding whatever the connector thing is to the phone lines, I ended up finding it. He just overall did a mediocre job. After that I was pooped. I took a long break and relaxed in the bed. I got hungry and decided to go get some food. I took my dog, Gizmo, out to go potty, and ended up getting locked out. 3 hours later, I finally got my brother to unlock the door.

After that I met up with my step sister to have a glass of wine and enjoy a live band, I almost fell asleep 1 hour into the set, thanks to me not realizing I was exhausted. So I went to my new home to sleep. I slept like a brick! I woke up and went back to my old apartment and in about 3 trips, I was completely moved out. I woke up at 5am to buy a shirt for our Customer Service Week at my job (I was on the committee) and meet up with the wonderful ladies who cleaned my apartment. Superb Cleaning Service is someone I highly recommend!

Check out my photos!

I hope everyone’s weekend was eventful! I am taking a day off of my workouts since this weekend I did basically the elliptical carrying boxes up and down the stairs.

4 thoughts on “Moving Weekend

  1. randy p. says:

    Omg I loathe moving! Glad it worked out for you after 3hrs of being locked out LOL

    Ps. Awesome Green Lantern get up! šŸ™‚

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