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I subscribe to a website’s newsletter named PureWow!, and they have interesting things that they pass along, books, apps for phones and just plain ole good advice. Today something in their newsletter peeked my interest and I thought I should share.

There is an App called Buycott. It is an app for consumers, to find out about a companie  political affiliations, as well as if they do animal testing or what kind of projects or philanthropy the companys do.

This includes Groceries, clothes, accessories, ect.


According to PureWow!, 

“The free app is designed to help consumers align their spending with their political and philanthropic viewpoints–and seek out or avoid products accordingly.

Begin by downloading the app and browsing causes (think “demand GMO labeling,” “stop animal testing” and “end human trafficking.”) Once you’ve found a cause that interests you, click to see organizations that have historically supported or opposed it. We, for instance, selected “avoid sweatshop labor” for an eye-opening list of violators. (Thank God Ben & Jerry’s is on the safe list.)

You can also use the app the other way around: to look up brands and then see their political affiliations.

Buycott is new and is sort like wikepedia, it’s information may not be 100 percent accurate.

Read more at :


Thanks PureWow! for the helpful information! Happy Thursday everybody!



I had my session with my trainer at #Garagefit. It included:


It literally put me to bed. I actually had a sweat pool on my back and on my torso, which is huge for me. I honestly believe that I have hypoactive sweat glands. Meh. I came home to my eager dog, only to disappoint him by falling asleep. I even attempted to watch Catfish, and ended up turning it off and going right to bed. I have to work late tomorrow so another Workout session with #GarageFit is due. I will post the workout and let you know how it made me feel.

Some personal goals I would like to accomplish this month:

  • Work on my patience( I sometimes have a moment or 4 of impatience)
  • Find an apartment (My rent increased substantially so, I have to find a more affordable place)
  • Pay for someone’s Coffee via Drive- Thru.
  • Buy/Rent my books before the 1st day of school so I will not fall behind.

Do any of you have any personal goals you would like to accomplish this month?

Transformation Tuesdays and some

It appears that my draft for yesterday’s post did not save, however I was able to recover my work and post it for today.

So I am going to give a weekend recap and give my latest Transformation Tuesday!

Friday was a fun night,
I went out on the town, I went out to happy hour at a very fancy schmancy place, Trulucks. I had Pinot Noir, and a Crab Cake and Scallops with Mash potatoes, that were flavorful, fresh, and scrumptious. I then went to grooves where my Pinot Noir kicked in and I instantly got sleepy. Maybe I should have went to Starbucks for a Nightcap. Meh.20130805-150025.jpg20130806-102815.jpg

Saturday, I woke up bright and early to do Cardio circuits with my trainer. A little back story, he was extremely upset at my performance on last Tuesday, (He asked me to run for 30 mins in 100 degree weather and I refused) Instead I did 30 hills, and my knee was sore so he made me take off on Thursday. He told me he wanted no excuses on Saturday. The sun was out and we did 3 rounds of sprints at 4 different stations he had set up. For 2 minutes at each station me and a few other clients:

  • 50 yard suicides
  • Bounding and high-knees for 50 yards
  • 5 points of running backwards, forward sprints,backwards, jog
  • 2 25 yard suicides with one 10 second rest

I Mia Hammed it on the 3rd round(Took My shirt off). I was FINISHED!800+ calories burned!


I went on about my day and, spent some QT with my sis at the pool.


I also did some apartment hunting and we saw some very nice apartments. We have narrowed down where we want to live and I couldn’t be more excited! I had a nice meal and wine prepared for me in the evening and it was very relaxing!

Sunday, I woke up and went to The Galleria with my good homegirl, and we went to Kona ate some sushi, had a few drinks, and did a little window shopping.


After that I was a bum! I read my book on my Kindle (The Hunger Games Mockingjay), and watched a little of the Preseason Cowboys Hall of Fame game, and HBO, Showtime, Style Network, and Bravo!.


Now time for Transformation Tuesdays! I have been tracking my workout progress and I am finally at the point where I really can see the change in the photos! My mind has to catch up I still see myself as the person I was in January, give it time I should get with it. Here is my transformation:


Thanks to my eating, and trainers efforts, I am shredding! WHOOP! I hope someone finds this inspirational. It is still a tricky road. I still love fried chicken, and loads of carbs, however, I am making sure I do cheat, but I do not go overboard. Today I have a session with my trainer, I really hope it isn’t another cardio day, but for some strange reason I feel like it will be. Anywho, Happy Tuesday!





It is here and I am excited! My plans this weekend are to go apartment hunting, workout, play with my dog, spruce up my house and possibly go to The Heights White Linen night.

It is a neighborhood hosted event where people in the Heights host a night where everyone wears white linen. There is art displays, food, dancing, socializing, and music! It is a huge community event and people come from all over Houston to be apart of this one night! Exciting right?

Today, I am incredibly exhausted. I am already contemplating drinking another cup of coffee. I got caught up last night…..reading a book. Yes, My name is Sharde, and I am a NERD! I love to read and I do not do it as often as I would like to. I however, am back for now, reading, and letting my imagination run wild. I get this intrinsic happiness from reading a book and letting my imagination freely express itself. There is nothing like a book. I was too impatient to wait on the second movie about The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire, so of course I read the book. On my Kindle. Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can borrow best selling books once a month for free!!!! Amazon knows how to please it’s consumers, that is for sure.


The book was amazing and I am excited about the up and coming movie. Happy Friday!!!