Shine on Award

Looks like I have been nominated for an award!


Yay! Thanks to ProjectLightof Life, for nomination me for the Shine on Award! I am honored!

Here are the award’s rules:

1. Display the award logo on your website(Done!)

2. Link back to the person who kindly nominated you-
 Thank you again Project Light to Life!

3. Share seven things about your lovely self:

  1. I love encouraging others. It is intrinsically motivating to help someone have confidence in themselves! 
  2. I love to swim. Tell me about a pool party or gathering, and I am there bikini, and sunblock!
  3. I love to twerk. If some music comes on and I feel the groove, I’m going to do my thing! ha!
  4. I enjoy live music. Something about it really makes me happy. I cannot explain
  5. I love animals, they are lovely creatures and love you so blindly.
  6. I only buy shoes and purses on sale. I never pay full price. If I have a purse that is full price, it was most certainly a gift.
  7. I now have a watch obsession.

4. Choose fifteen bloggers to nominate for this award, and ensure you link them back to the award page:

I don’t know if I have 15 bloggers to link back but I can try.

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  14. Haley Hobinson
  15. All Season Cyclist


Weekend Recap

I had a very interesting weekend,

I started out the weekend taking the hardest test I have ever encountered, the GMAT. It was a doozy. All in all I will have to take it again, and from what I hear, I won’t be the 1st nor the last to take this path. Ouch, that is the 1st test I have failed miserably like that. I tend to pride myself in my smarts, but this test, well it outsmarted me. I am use to direct questions that have direct answers and this test is far from that, and on top of that it is adaptive, meaning, it adapts to give you a harder or easier question, based on if you get an answer right or wrong.


Cute right?!

Well, after that downer, I decided to regroup, and have a drink :-), a margarita, and go shopping at TJ Maxx. I bought a snazzy new sling purse, and some workout gear. I bought some nice shorts, and a sports bra.. I have an up and coming session with this guy who has a gym in his garage and he trains people in there. This should be fun. #GarageFit is what he calls it. I’m looking for a challenge and a trainer, so why not!

I ended the day by going to the beach with my friends and dog, and it was excellent watching the sun set. My dog also made a new doggie friend, Pepper, and learned that when it comes to food, he might get snapped at. Which is hilarious!


Sunday I slept until about 11ish and some friends called and we went to Kona Grill and did a little shopping at the mall. It was nice! I bought a necklace and a “Tom Boy” sleep set from Forever21. At Kona, the sushi was great as usual, and the Pot Stickers were yummy! I also learned, that I am not much of a drinker anymore. I haven’t drank really until this weekend, and one margarita, and a glass of wine made me very sleepy! I went home and slept for 2 hours straight! My friends called me old! LOL.

I ended my Sunday tweeting about love songs (I was in my feelings lol), watching True Blood, some of the BET awards, and texting a few people.

This week I plan on getting back on my bike, trying out the garage fit stuff, and running a mile to see if my knee is ready for me to hit pavement!


How was everyone’s weekend? Anything interesting go on?