Gratitude Journal


It’s easy to focus on all the hassles in life,

Terribly easy right? You can fall into a negative zone and find your self in negative purgatory at times. Well, I was reading Project light to  life’s latest entry and she mentioned starting a gratitude journal. What is a gratitude journal? It is a journal you keep (Word, One Note, pen and paper) where you right about the positive things that happened in your day. I hear it can boost your mood, and help you get back to the positive zone you once were at. Hey we all need a mood boost here and there, and I know I could sure use one. So I am going to keep one on my wordpad and write about the positive things I can take away from my day. I will let you guys know in seven days how I am doing.


So like Oprah says on the sticky up top I am going to write 5 things that went good in my day. Join me if you want and feel free to let me know if it boosts your mood!

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