Weekend recap

I lost 1.5 pounds this weekend! Yay! I am finally seeing some pound loss! I am so happy!

This made my weekend great. I went to see the movie The purge and it was a good one. Scary, creepy, and funny, also short and sweet. I was a busy bee this weekend. I started my Saturday off at the salon, and took Gizzy(my dog) to Day camp (Daycare for dogs). I went to visit my mom and she had my niece and nephew over for the day and showed off my new car (Did I mention I bought a new car?)20130610-104611.jpg

We chatted and I ate some of her wonderful chicken and then got on the road to study. After a few hours hunger overtook my concentration and I went to my favorite healthy pita place called Island Bar and Grill @Fit2aT showed me. I had a jumbo shrimp pita and sweet potato fries! YUM! If you come to Houston, I highly recommend it!  I was randomly invited to a Crawfish boil (too much sodium for my liking) so I picked up my best gal friend and we went to this daiquiri shop, then proceeded to the boil. That was so much fun!20130610-104813.jpg

I also realized I am not much of a drinker anymore, and that I really do not like the thirsty feeling I get the next day. However, it was fun I laughed super hard and learned what “Flip Cup” is about.

I also discovered this social media site Vine. So much fun can be had with it. Check out a few of my posts on there (shoedooo). Really funny stuff.

Sunday I ran all over town, I went to drop Gizmo off at the Groomers, I went to drop off some papers for my car at the dealership, but they were closed (MEH) and took a good nap. I also went shopping and made my famous Stuffed Shells. Yummy. No working out was done this weekend 😦 But today, ladies and gentlemen, It will be done.

5 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. Moon Gal says:

    I have been going to the gym and working hard. My entire body is killing me. But I am looking forward to returning today. Working out is a huge stress reliever. Do you listen to music while you workout.I have been trying to find good workout music. I jam Nicki Minaj and lil wayne. But I have been looking out for uptempo songs. have any suggestions?

    • shoedooo says:

      I love to listen to music while I am at the gym. Those songs really help me push through. I tend to listen to the Meek Mill Pandora station because the majority of the music is uptempo. Don’t Stop! by French Montana is a good one, Poof! is a good MMG song, Amen, and more. can you get pandora? If so the Meek Mill station is great.

  2. thedancingrunner says:

    Fun weekend! I may make it back down to the H this weekend since it’s Father’s Day and my dad lives down there too so I may surprise him and celebrate with him. We’ll see!! I will have to check out that spot you mentioned!

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