Happy Hump Day!

Ain’t nobody Humpin around!

Corny? Yes. Funny? Absolutely! Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is a very special day for all my runners out there. Happy National Runners day! I might not be able to run very far thanks to my knee but I am going to put for the effort to run at least 800 meters before I hop on my bike today.

Anyone else running today? It does not matter how fast or slow, expert or novice that you are, just run! There are no requirements to it besides that!

Yesterday, I biked around my neighborhood for a good 40 minutes until it was dark and it was fun! I burned 385 calories and the breeze in the evening was marvelous. Living in Houston is like living in an steel hot box sometimes and the heat will make you avoid any outdoor activities at all costs. Humidity will not be a factor in my life! I am also re-re-adjusting my workout schedule yet again due to this awful rotation schedule my job has me and my other co-workers on. Just as soon as I get into the groove of a schedule, I am uprooted and thrown another curve ball. It’s not bad, but the 1st week can be rough. I now work a later shift so I choose to workout after work. I will miss my crazy lady and pilates classes for a month. 😦 Don’t worry I will be here next month to oblige (Who uses that word?! Apparently a 28 year old studying for the GMAT does). Any who, I plan on riding my bike tonight, shopping for food, and studying. I have not studied for a full hour since Friday. Terrible!

5 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day!

    • shoedooo says:

      Thanks! I think it’s almost there, but here and there it gives me trouble. Humidity is the biggest challenge for hair, clothes, and sanity here. LOL.

  1. Holly J says:

    I love that Bobby Brown song! Don’t you hate how work schedules can be all bagiggy? But I think you’re handling it well. Do you know I don’t know how to ride a bike?

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