Monday I mean Tuesday


That extra off day can really make you think it is Monday,


I went to Subway after attacking  my intervals on the elliptical machine for a good 30 minutes yesterday(and burned 286 calories!), and thought I could get the Monday Turkey and Black Forest Ham special. Womp Womp! Nope! I settled for the 6 inch of the month, the Oven roasted chicken breast. Which was equally as yummy.

Today I did step aerobics which is one of my favorite aerobic exercises out there! My knees weren’t feeling up to the challenge, but I modified and pushed through. We also used some more resistant bands and the burn was not as intense as Friday. Nonetheless, it was definitely a challenge. It was the crazy lady’s class, or, we can just now call her Amina. lol She’s the cool form lady to me now! I burned a good 326 calories in a 33 minute period. Pretty good! I feel awesome. Anybody else love step aerobics as much as I do?  I feel like I’m the woman version of Richard Simmons when I see that step. (I know I’m a dork but hey it motivates me!)



4 thoughts on “Monday I mean Tuesday

  1. Holly J says:

    The holiday has me thrown off as well. Kudos for pushing through! I love Richard. He is an inspiration! He sort of reminds me of my aunt. Weird, but true.

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