5K Dream Deferred…

Remember that 5k I was supposed to run in on Saturday? Well, that dream was deferred  Anyone who lives in the Houston, TX area knows how bad parking is in the Medical Center and how confusing that can be. Poor planning on my part resulted in me circling the 5k route for a good 30 minutes. I was unable to find the designated parking place, and opted to just run by my apartment at the wonderful park up the street. 5k timed or not, I could still get my 3 mile run in. As I exit to go to the park, rain pours down. Dream absolutely differed. I opted for an Ihop Swiss Mocha instead.

I cannot be mad, all I can do is look forward to the next 5k or take on my running adventures around my apartment and local park. This will not get me down and like I said it’s deferred, like a student loan payment ha ha! My knee got some movement on the elliptical today. I think I will stick with the elliptical until it gets a little bit stronger. It hyper-extended a few times, but minus the pain! This is progress.

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