Everybody is a critic in today’s world. Social Networking is the podium. Everyone steps on the soapbox to voice their view on some current event that has no impact in our lives i.e., Chad and Evelyn Johnson. The real problem is this. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks that their point of view is important. All it takes is a few likes on Facebook, or a Retweet on twitter and pow! We are an analyst! The truth is, no matter what opinion we have on a person’s life or experience they are going through, it is irrelevant as their popularity. Eventually they fade. The only thing a regular person like me and others are doing, is showing how we think, and how we draw conclusions. Guess who is passing judgment on that? People in our everyday life. Or as some would have it, their social network friends. My views are just as unimportant as the next, but seriously our analysis of a head-butt is not really going to change things. Will it affect our 401k? (if we have one) Will it make an impact in our salary? Will it put gas in our car? Nah B. Eventually, there will be some other foolish tv personality, or professional athlete who will make a regular person mistake, and the whole thing will be amplified by, us regular individuals.

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