The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Sometimes, I think the world views me as a boring person. My thoughts? I think I am the most interesting woman in the world. I think when it comes to happiness and the things I need to satisfy my core are simple, but my interests are vast in my mind. My thoughts are infinite, my ideas are never ending. I want to try almost anything when it comes to life. There are a few “I won’t go there’s” and I believe everyone has them. Making my interests transparent doesn’t seem to really catch others attentions. I feel as if they think I am only four corners, when I feel like I may be more of an infinite loop. Remaining positive about someone seeing my creativity and interest in things is something I am hopeful for. This world is cloudy and actual people only want to have surface relationships and I want the most intimate one available! I love DIY projects, I love scrapbooking, I love animals, volunteering, swimming, playing sports, baking, cooking, and you name it! I want to try it. I know, I am not supposed to try and impress anyone, but a little recognition would be nice one of these days. Maybe someone will appreciate me and all of my little interests one day. The other day, I was on the phone with this guy I met in Dallas in December. We really have had no conversation. I suppose, because he is attractive, that has given him an excuse to not have a voice. I ask him what is going on in his world, and he says, “Good things”. I ask him to indulge and “good things” is as far as I can get, then he asks me when can he visit me. EHHHH. Not what I am looking for. I am also not trying to be negative, but I don’t just want to have a warm body next to me for the sake of saying I have somebody. Hopefully he can get that, because I explained to him that our conversations were more about nothing and he had nothing to say…..So yes, he will not get that opportunity to visit me, because what would we talk about when he got here?! Entertaining someone with no conversation sounds challenging, and frustrating. I also see how much I have grown as a person to be able to trim the fat. I think that is a milestone in a person’s late 20’s life, for some that is an incredible task to do. So I will continue to be my most interesting woman in the world self, yet appears boring to others and continue on this journey.

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