Annoyed ain’t the word

What do you do when someone is constantly trying to question your credibility? Your supervisor cannot solve everything. In an attempt to make themselves look better(my best guess at them always questioning my analysis of things when it comes to my job) I always get a negative word or question when it comes to my work. I am a lot younger and aggressive than some of my other counterparts and frankly, I never thought that that could be a threat. But to this person I work with daily, I am beginning to think it is. I have already had to have a talk with my supervisor present, to ask this person, what can we do to at least get along and have respect professionally and apparently it only worked for a few months. I am over this persons undermining and no longer care if I have their respect or not. They really need to back off. It is really hard to not come off as the angry black woman in the office when individuals continue to piss me off. I digress.

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